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Be Eager to Defend Your Faith. Breakfast with the Word Sat 28th Week


Breakfast with the Word Saturday 28th Week Ordinary Time of the Year B


Luke 12:8-12




To be eager to defend our faith is that ardent desire to defend what we believe in. To defend our faith  shows that we are truly convinced about who and what we believe in.


Be eager to defend your faith despite the oppositions and situation confronting you at the moment.  This is faith.

As we grow in our spiritual life, many things will challenge our faith. Sometimes they may push us to think negative of what we believe in.


Such spiritual distractions may come from problems, circumstances, friends, family members and even co-workers.


Whatever condition we may find ourselves, wherever you are and whichever place you may find yourself, do not hesitate to stand on your ground and defend your faith.


Today, Jesus promises eternity to those who can declare Him despite the persecution and opposition that is involved.


 In the Gospel


In the gospel of today, Jesus promises to declare anyone in the presence of His angels, whoever can declare Him in the presence of men. And to disown anyone who disowns Him in the presence of men. He says:


  ‘I tell you, if anyone openly declares himself for me in the presence of men, the Son of Man will declare himself for him in the presence of the angels. But the man who disowns me in the presence of men will be disowned in the presence of God’s angels”.



To declare literally means to talk about somebody or something, publicly, emphatically, courageously and proudly with conviction.


This in essence means that the only place to show how much we believe in God is in the world. Our faith in Jesus is proven in the face of challenges, hatred, persecution, misunderstanding that have enveloped the world etc.


To declare Jesus is to be able to declare Him proudly without fear, to talk about Him publicly and to defend our faith courageously.


It is standing our ground despite the opposition. Jesus promises anyone who does this, His own willingness to speak for Him at the end of His Life.


The Holy Spirit is the Guard.


Jesus also promises His disciples not to be afraid of defending their faith publicly,  in the presence of any authority, and under any harsh condition, for the Holy Spirit is always there to speak for them.


He says


When they take you before synagogues and magistrates and authorities, do not worry about how to defend yourselves or what to say, because when the time comes, the Holy Spirit will teach you what you must say.


In essence, Jesus promises us the abiding power of the Holy Spirit in the time of trouble.  This shows that we shall encounter troublesome moments and times. But we need to keep our faith in God very strong.


As a christian you will experience hatred, betrayal, jealousy, attack, from people. When we encounter these, Jesus advises us not lose our faith.


Therefore, we have to defend our faith in Him both in good an d bad times. Problems should not make lose hope in God.


So let us be always eager to defend our faith because Jesus promises us the ever-abiding presence of His Spirit in every challenging situations.


always be eager to defend your faith



Whoever sins Against the Holy Spirit


In this gospel, Jesus warns that there may be forgiveness for whoever talks against His name. But there is no forgiveness for anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit.



Blasphemy is when our acts, deeds, and words show total disrespect to God and Holy things. It can be in the form of insult, contempt and lack of reverence for God.


This is a strict warning to the Jews who accuse Jesus of working through the power of Beelzebub in the earlier chapter of this gospel (Luke 11:14-23) when in the fact He is working under the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:20, Mathew 12:28).



They attribute the work of the Holy Spirit to the Prince of Demons. This statement indicates total denial in the work of the Holy Spirit and blatant refusal to believe in the work of God.


The point here is that the Pharisees and some Jewish leaders have totally blocked their hearts from the gospel message. This eventually led them to deny totally the work of the Holy Spirit. So blasphemy here indicates total rejection of God by insinuating that the work of the “Holy” Spirit comes from the evil one.


This verse simply indicates that one may reject Jesus and later, by God’s grace, accept Him; but there is no remedy for the absolute and complete rejection of God. Such a soul is completely damned.



So, any conditions we may find ourselves should not be an avenue for us to blaspheme and reject God totally. It is time to prove our faith in God.


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Defend Your Faith at all Cost.




We do not have to regret going through rejection, persecution, hatred etc as a Christian. 1 Peter 4:14 advises that let no one suffer as a thief or evildoer but if anyone suffers because of Jesus Christ, he should rather rejoice because there is always a reward for that.


Sometimes challenges force us to lose our faith in God. We may feel we have made a mistake believing God in the first place. But from this gospel, this is the time to prove our faith in Jesus. Difficult moments are always there to try our faith.


There are times people will talk bad about you because of your past and thus use it to represent your present. Many may taunt you because of the little mistakes you made. Do not lose hope too, only God knows you more than they know you.



There are times you may face rejection, persecutions and hatred from friends and family because you are not in support of their evil schemes. Never lose your faith. It is always a trying moment. Jesus promises never to forget you if you are always willing to speak and defend your faith.



Tribulations and persecutions will come but always be eager to defend and prove your faith in God. Our faith in God should be so strong that no man, power, and circumstances are willing to pull it to the mud. Always stand firm.




May God bless you dearest and give us the courage to stand form in the midst of difficulties. May He continues to enrich you with His graces. Amen




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    Amen, remain blessed Bro

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    Amen thanks brother God bless you 🙏

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    Amen! Thank you father for all your encouragements, it’s not really easy but with God all things are possible.

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    Amen and Amen, may almighty God help us to defend our faith no matter the situation we found our selves in Jesus mighty name we pray Amen.

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    Let your strength consume my whole being so that l may not shudder away in the presence of temptations, Amen

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    (Singing) I need the grace to follow; abundant grace to follow. I need the grace to follow; His grace is enough for me.
    May my faith in Him never dwindle at all, let alone to the point of blaspheming Him. Amen!
    Remain ever blessed!

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    AMEN 🙇🙏
    Remain Blessed padre 🌹
    May, Maria Rosa Mistica Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ continue to lead you and Intercede on your behalf and we your Children of HOME OF VICTORY WORLD WIDE So that at the end; may there be LIGHT at the end of our lives Tunnels…AMEN🙏🙇🙏 SHALOM PADRE 🌷

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    Please Father continue to enrich me with Your GRACE I beg of you to always stand firm to defend your word in JESUS name AMEN 🙏

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    May God help us to avoid the near occasion of sins and give us the grace to always stand firm in his word, rather than conforming to the world’s standards of living through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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    Amen. Thank you brother.

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    Amen. God, I beg you to help me defend my faith in anywhere or in any condition I find myself through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen

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    Hmmmmm. Recently I had leg issue. It was an arrow of sickness from 1 leg to the other. People came up with d/f opinions but I said no only olive oil will touch my legs later I added Ori. Depper life pastor in my plaza,came with d/f men of God with the claim,if they prayed and I’m healed who will I attribute the healing to. I looked and I said for 54 yrs of my life,I have only 1 faith and will always have. The visiting pastor agreed with me. Praise the Lord I’m healed now just for dark areas to blend with my colour. God is great worship him.Thank u Fr for leading us aright.

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