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Always Be Open and Sincere:Breakfast with the Word Fri 28th Week

Breakfast with the Word Friday 28th Week Ordinary Time of the Year B


Luke 12:1-7



A person whose character is open is a man who does not live a life of deceit. He is always honest in his dealings with people. He does not live a life of pretence. How you see him is who he is.


Always be open and sincere notwithstanding the situation we find ourselves. It is good and praiseworthy to be open and sincere in living our lives as true children of God. This is one of the factors that pose a great challenge for us.


A Christian is already light to the world. Therefore, his life is to influence people positively. He lives not to deceive but to touch lives.



Despite, the hatred, circumstances and situations around him, a christian should be willing to stand up for the truth and not to conceal it.


He is not afraid to speak the truth to save a soul. A true disciple is always open and sincere in whatever he does.


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In the Gospel


In the Gospel of today, Jesus now turns to His disciples and warns them to be wary of the yeast of the Pharisee, which is their hypocrisy, for whatever that is hidden or covered will be uncovered. Whatever that is said in the hidden must one day be exposed. Jesus advises them to be open and sincere in their in living their lives unlike the Pharisees.


What Is Hypocrisy?



First of all, hypocrisy is feigning to be what we are not. This is when we claim to more spiritual when our hearts are very far away from God.


So, Jesus uses the term “yeast” here as an image of hypocrisy.


The yeast used in Biblical times was actually a lump of dough kept after baking, which is mixed with dough to decompose.


The yeast would thus make the dough rise to produce bread. Jesus in essence means that the hypocritic life of the Pharisees is also growing rapidly and causing moral corruption for the people.


Therefore, when we live a life of deceit, we will always end up influencing others negatively and corrupting the lives of people than saving them, for nothing hidden, will remain hidden forever.  Jesus thus advises His disciples to be open and sincere in whatever they do.


Always be open and sincere like the dove



Remain Fearless


Further, Jesus, advises His disciples to remain fearless. He says ‘To you my friends I say: Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. I will tell you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has the power to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him. Can you not buy five sparrows for two pennies? And yet not one is forgotten in God’s sight. Why, every hair on your head has been counted. There is no need to be afraid: you are worth more than hundreds of sparrows.


Sometimes, we cover the truth because of the fear of what one may say or do. Sometimes, we hide the truth because of imminent danger but Jesus advises his disciples to remain firm and speak the truth despite any situation.


Instead of fearing men who could kill only the body, the disciples of Jesus should fear God, the One who has control over everything both spiritual and physical.


He knows everything both present and future and hence He should be the only one to be afraid of. Jesus says that “If He can take care of sparrows which are of little value, how much more, all those who are His disciples”.


Jesus is using this to reveal the type of love that God has for us. Therefore, we should not worry nor fear what tomorrow can bring. We have to believe that God is always the controller.



The True Disciple


In this gospel, Jesus in essence wants us to be His true disciples, living lives worthy of our calling. To be a child of God is not to live a life of pretence.


It is not appearing good to the public but inwardly we become very far from God. it is not carrying bible around, using spiritual things as a cover yet we do not have the hunger for God. The true disciple worships God in spirit and truth. It is time to change the way we live our lives.


Today, many people fear to speak out. Some people keep their mouth shut in the face of evil, not because they cannot speak but because they are afraid of somebody or something.


A true disciple of Jesus remains fearless in the presence of evil. But today, Christians tend to fear evil more than they fear God.


Many fear people those who they think are diabolical. And even support evil because of the fear that they will intimidate or attack us. Let us always know that all power belongs to God, Then we have to remain strong no matter the opposition that comes our way.



Let us not because of fear abandon the truth. In the end, everything we do will be uncovered maybe on the judgement day. As we live, let us not forget our souls.


May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to stand firm in the midst of difficulties. May He continues to bless and protect you. Amen





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      Jesus, give me the grace to be a true disciple. Amen

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