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God is Always at Work. Wednesday Week 1 in Ordinary Time


Breakfast with the Word Wednesday Week 1 in Ordinary Time of the Year



Mark 1:29–39


When we say that someone is always at work, it means that the person is always at work at all times and on all occasions. On all occasions includes both those times we think He is working and not working. 


Therefore, God is always at work even when we do not see what He is doing. We cannot limit everything that God does for us only with our physical eyes. What God does for us is also beyond the physical. 



There are times in life when we feel that God is very far from us. Some difficulties may besiege us, and we may feel God is already tired of our welfare. 



In these moments, we feel like giving up on Him. There are also a few moments we have derailed, and we think He is very angry or He has given up, on us. 



When the Jews accused Jesus of working on the Sabbath day in John 5, Jesus tells them that He has come only to work. He says in John 5:17, that the Father is always working, and so is He. 



Therefore, He does not get tired of doing the Father’s will. The implication is that if God is always working, then it means that He does not give up on us. 




Beloved, everything about God is never-ending. God is infinite, supernatural, limitless, and He is always at work. Our God we know can never and will never get tired of bringing people to Himself. He is always on the move to save His children.



 God is always at work to save, to cause us to repent, to bless us with His grace, heal us and forgive us. But when problems come, we think He keeps quiet. God is always at work even in those seeming silent times. No one knows what He is doing in those silent moments.



God may be using those times to develop you, teach, direct, guide and inspire you. for during our trying moments are always the times we learn a lot of lessons. 


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The Reason He came.



In the gospel, When Simon and his companions set out in search of Jesus, and find him, they tell Jesus :

“Everybody is looking for you”.


Jesus answers them “Let us go elsewhere, to the neighbouring country towns, so that I can preach there too because that is why I came”.



Jesus says that this is the reason He came. He has come to work and save lives.

Jesus does not give up on us even when we have given up on ourselves. He does not give up on bringing us always close to God.




 Jesus is not tired of healing us and saving us. He is always at work. Therefore, do not think that God is tired of you. God is always at work. 

Even when He sends challenges, He may be gradually working on you. Not all challenges are bad in themselves. 




 God is Always at Work in saving Lives.



After Jesus preached at the synagogue, He visited Simon and Andrew with James and John. Not tired, He continues His work and heals Simon’s mother-in-law. 



In the evening of that day, they brought to Him all who are sick and possessed, He did not tell them to wait or postpone their healing, He did not excuse Himself for being tired, rather He goes further to heal their various ailments and delivered all those who are possessed. 



Not minding the tediousness of the work the previous day, Jesus still rises early in the morning and goes to a lonely place to pray and communicate with the Father. 



When the apostles later found Him, He still proceeds with them into the villages, preaching, teaching and driving out demons. What an indefatigable God? He never gets tired in His work of saving grace.




 He is Always there for Us.



Let us always bear in mind that God is always at work. When people lose faith in you and think you have no future, know that God is always at work. The table always turns. 



When many hope and think you will suffer and die miserably, always bear in mind that God knows how to save us. He does not get weary.



Also, When you feel the worst has happened and God has forgotten you, He may still show up when you least expect. He does not give up on us. 



When your prayers seem unanswered, always know that God is always at work. Some prayers were answered immediately, some after one week, some takes months, while some may take a year or years. Do not give up on God.



He does not give up on us. We are the ones who easily lose hope and give up on God. A father will always be there for His children. 



A father can deny himself, only to make sure that his children do not lack. In the same way, God is always there for us in good and in bad times. 



At that point when you think all hope is lost, know that He has not given up on you yet. The future can be brighter. 

At that moment, when you feel like cursing Him, do not be surprised He is already working something in your favour. 



When you feel like God must punish you because of what you did in the past, do not be surprised He is still working on you to make you perfect. 

Then, If God can not and will not give up on us, giving up on Him should never be an option for us then.



May God bless us dearest, and give us the strength to hold on to Him despite whatever we go through Amen.



  1. Ekwem Emmanuela Chiamaka says

    Amen and Amen


    Amidst all temptations and trials to give up on God, may he give us the grace to stick to him and not lose hope no matter how tough it will always look like. May we maintain our relationship with God and be optimistic that his plan for our existence will definitely come to pass. Amen

  3. Margaretmary Azegbeobor says

    Today’s message is a great inspiration for me. I am currently going through some challenges with housing but this message has really lifted my spirit. May God’s grace be abundant in your ministry Father and may He continue to enlarge you in Jesus name. Amen

  4. Ayanbadejo Rita says


  5. Chinyere Ezemelue says

    May I always remember that God is always at work in our lives. Isaiah 40:28 Our God is the everlasting God, ….he never grows weary or tired.



  7. Munachimso onuoha says

    Dearest mother please give me the grace and straight to hold on to your son Jesus Christ despite what am going through now in Jesus name amen

  8. Ibeawuchi Ugochi says


    1. Ani Chinonyelum says

      Thank you Jesus for not giving up on me, I will not give up on God. God bless you Padre.

  9. Eze, Blessing Chinasa says

    Amen. God, please give us the grace to always believe and trust you in every moment of our life. May we understand that you are always with us no matter the circumstances surrounding us.

  10. Regina Mobu says

    Amen! Thank you Father for this encouragement.

  11. Onyekonwu Ngozi says

    Father Lord thank you for your word this morning and grant me grace never to give up on you no matter what may what may befall us through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

  12. Emmanuel ChimezieChidoka says


    Thank you Padre

  13. Ofoma Onyedikachi says

    Help me oh Lord 🙏🙏. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for not giving up on me.

  14. Angela Madu says

    Many God Almighty strengthen our faith in Him and believe in His love for us always through Christ our Lord.

  15. Dimma says


  16. Tochukwu Francis says

    I will wait onto the Lord until my change come

  17. Otokpa Elijah says

    Father, grant me the grace never to give up on You, because You will never give up on me

  18. Adichie Chizoba says

    Amen. God never gives up on His children.

  19. Nonye Maduka says

    Amen. Thank you fr

  20. Joy Chidiogo Ikeoha says

    Amen. Thank you Lord for always being there for me.

  21. Ada Ndubuisi says

    Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  22. Modesta says

    Dear God may we not lose faith,may we always acknowledge that you are always there for us both in good and bad times

  23. Gloria Azuka Obiora says

    Father your grace is all we need give us the spirit and grace to preserve to the end no matter the UPS and downs of this life that we never give up on God

  24. Ogwa Oluchi Rose says

    Amen… I pray for the grace to always look up to God at all time

  25. Ifeoma Ugwueze says


    God never fails in times of trouble. Glory be to Him 🙏🙏

  26. Anyiam Cornelia says

    Lord I need your grace to be steadfast in you, no matter d situation I find myself in, through Christ our Lord, Amen.



  28. Kaycee Omeke says

    Thank you Fr.

  29. Bibiana Uche Unachukwu says

    Amen Amen Amen

  30. Blessing Chilo says

    Thank you Lord for I am ‘Work in progress’ no matter how rough things may be today,let your saving grace and love always remind me of this through christ our Lord Amen

  31. Precious says


  32. Chisom Egwudike says


  33. Helen says

    Amen and Amen! Thank you Padre 🙏🙏

    Give us Your grace to follow Lord, Your grace is enough for us🙌🙌🙌🙌

    1. Golu Chetachukwu Angela says

      May the Lord continue to enrich us in his grace and may we always have faith in him. Thank you Lord, for the marvelous works you’ve been doing in our lives 🙏

  34. Adeline Chidimma says

    God help me not to give up on you no matter the situation and challenges I find myself. Amen



    1. Thres Rock says

      Thanks fr. For another hope you gave me this night

  36. Peter Anthony Dodoh says

    Amen. Lord Jesus see me through. Amen

  37. Ugwu Obianuju says


  38. Blessing Anne says

    Thank you Jesus for not given up on me even when I have derailed countless times.
    Help me by your grace to look unto you in good and bad situations. Amen

  39. Stella Ekwemalor says

    Good morning Padre
    Thank you Lord Jesus for not given up on us.thank you for everything.

  40. Antonia Enudi says

    Father, thank you for your encouraging words. One should trust that God is always working even when it seems like nothing is happening

  41. Michael Jones says

    Amen.thank you father.

  42. Ijeoma Ugorji says

    It’s a blessed assurance. His words says I’m with you always till the end of time.
    God never gives up on anyone, not even the most miserable of sinners.
    May God help us to trust him with our life.

  43. Ijeoma Ugorji says

    It’s a blessed assurance. His words says “I’m with you always till the end of time”.
    God never gives up on anyone, not even the most miserable of sinners.

  44. Dr Nicholas Onyia A. says

    Almighty God, please renew and increase my faith in you to enable me maintain steady trust and unwavering hope in your ever protecting hands whenever I feel threatened by the evil one, in Jesus name, amen. More grace to you fr.

  45. Onukwugha Florence says

    Might God,Please increase and Strengthen my Faith.. Because, I know you are always at work in my Situation… Thanks a lot Father for this wonderful reflection.. God bless you..

  46. Ogechi Anugwom says

    May God give us the strength and wisdom to work in His vineyard and to always have patience to hearing from Him, in Jesus name Amen

  47. Rosemary Umeze says

    Very consoling. Thank you Jesus

  48. Juliet says


  49. Chisom Catherine says


    1. Ezeagu Anuli says

      Amen, nay God bless and give us the grace to always believe and wait on him.

  50. Maryann obiano says

    Amen ooo,may God give us the strength to hold on steadfast in him not to give up hope through Christ our Lord Amen

  51. Dorothy Mary Iyinbor says

    Thanks Padre
    O Lord help me

  52. Mary says

    Thank you Jesus for loving us with an everlasting love. Increase our love for you oh lord!

  53. Enyi ujunwa christophine says

    Thank you Jesus for not giving up on me. Always help me not to give up on you..Amen

  54. Mbama Christiana says

    There are times when I feel so empty and lonely, I feel like God is far away from me, I keep asking several questions. Thank you Padre for this inspiring message, I feel great now to know that God will never abandon nor forsake me.

  55. Gabriel-Martin says

    Amen Fr.

  56. Mercy E Johnny says

    Amen, Lord, may I not give on you. Amen

  57. Anthonia Okonkwo says

    Thank You Lord for not giving up on me.

  58. Nwabueze chioma says

    Amen ooooooooo.

  59. Chibuzor says

    Thank u for this wonderful words

  60. Obika Chidimma says

    Amen, Lord Jesus give me Your grace so that will not give up on You.
    Thanks Fr. and God bless you abundantly. Amen

  61. Dr Chinwe Agwoile says

    Lord Jesus, never allow my life challenges to make me give up on You. Always stay by my side. I’ll never stop loving and trusting You. Thank You, Lord for always being there for me.

  62. Ugwu Grace Ngozi says

    Amen, God bless you Fr.

  63. Anujue Ifeanyichukwu Godwin says

    Thank You Jesus for not giving up on me.Help me not to abandone Your ways.Amen.

  64. Ighekpe Agbodesi Winifred says

    May God’s grace be sufficient for us to hold steadfastly unto him, thanks Padre

  65. tony chukwudozie says

    Amen and amen

  66. Christian says

    Amen 🙏

  67. James Mailoushi says


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