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Do You Believe I Can Do This?Friday First Week of Advent

Breakfast with the Word Friday First Week of Advent


Matthew 9:27-31



Do you truly believe is a sincere and practical question every Christian who says He is one, must ask himself/herself today. Do you truly and wholeheartedly believe that God is real ? Hence, Do you truly believe that He can do even that thing you worry about every day?



Hebrews 11:1-6 gives us six characteristics we must have if we truly have faith in God. They are:


1. In faith, there is certainty or confidence. This is when you are not perturbed on what you hope for.


2. In faith, there is full assurance. When someone assures you of something,Β  it means He is sure of what He is saying. It means despite the delay, you are sure it will come to pass.



3. Faith is always on what we expect, hope and yet to see.



4. It pleases God when we believe in His power and kindness to do anything.



5. It is impossible to please God without this kind of assurance and

6. Before we approach Him, we must already believe He rewards those who seek Him earnestly. So, faith is seen in our attitude before we kneel to pray and our attitude after we pray.


A Little Digest


The gospel today in Matthew 9:27-31 presents three characters: Jesus and the two blind men who approach Him, that He changes their conditions.



Certainly, they must have heard about Jesus, His power and tenderness towards the sick. If not they would not be disturbing in this manner.



Few points that certainly affirms this are 1. They were shouting consistently

2. Jesus did not pay attention to them immediately but they continue to shout.

3. The gospel says it is only when Jesus reaches the house that He then begins to talk to them. So despite these seeming challenges, they are resolute. They know He will and they do not stop to shout. They see an answer to their problems and they decide not to give up. Hence they see in Jesus an answer to their problems. They now request for healing.




Instead of granting their request immediately, Jesus puts up a question to them, “Do you believe I can do this?”


Their answer to this question led Jesus to grant their request also according to their faith. That question asked by Jesus today is a very part of our spiritual life. The question remains ‘Do we really believe?’



When we go to church every day and attend spiritual activities, do we truly believe it is God we are going to meet? The way we do in the presence of God is enough to answer this question. If we truly believe, we will avoid any form of distraction and pay attention to God.


How we can we believe that we are in the presence of God but busy pressing our phones, busy on social media even when the Holy Mass is going on?


How are we sure we believe that in the church we are in the presence of God but we have been busy discussing with our friends during the Holy Mass?



So, we believe that Jesus is the Blessed Sacrament, yet we find it very difficult to pay HimΒ  even if it is a five minute visit? The question still remains “do we truly believe?



Faith In God’s Ability To.


Jesus’ question to the two blind men is “do you believe I can do this”? This is a call to believe in God’s ability to do all things before we approach His presence.

Do we believe that God can answer prayers? Then why do we lose faith easily when challenges come?


There is no limit to what God does in our lives.


When one says God cannot, is a limit to His Omnipotence. There is nothing God cannot do. He has created out of nothing and now gives Human beings the power to continue His creative process. But doing that does not demean God’s omnipotence.



In everything we do, there is the need to believe in His ability to do all things. We go to God with a victory mentality and not with a victim mentality.


We approach Him with faith, not with a mind already conquered in doubt. So, we ask ourselves again ‘Do you believe God Can?’.


Our Attitude answers the Question


Do you really believe that God is real? Do we sincerely and certainly believe that it is God we meet whenever we attend to spiritual activities?


Hence, do we Catholics sincerely and certainly believe that the Blessed Sacrament is Jesus. Action speaks louder than voice. How we relate with spiritual matters around us is enough of a sign to say whether we believe or not.



If we certainly and sincerely believe that Jesus is sacrificed at the altar daily, if we sincerely and certainly believe that the Blessed Sacrament is Jesus, we can never miss a day without approaching Him.



If you believe that whenever you pray, it is God you pray, why getting tired of it. Hence, if we believe that yes we are talking with God at prayers, why do we do it as if it is nothing? Why do we see prayers as a burden?Β  Why then are we in the church but yet on social media?


When we come to the chapel, do we really believe that is God we visit? When we have prayed about a certain situation, do we sincerely and certainly believe that He hears us? Then why do we still worry?



These questions are for all of us. Do we truly believe God can? What is happening to our faith. We have to know that life is larger than logic. Life is beyond the physical.



Let us always know that sometimes what affects us is our unbelief. It is not that God is deaf to hear or that God is not real. The voice of prayer is never silent. Most of those requests can only be granted only according to our faith in the One we pray to as we see today in the gospel.

May God help our unbelief.


May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to value God’s presence and may He help us to overcome all our challenges today Amen.


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    Oh Lord grant me the grace to have total belief in your divine assistance in my life.

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    Amen! May God help my unbelief I pray , Amen.!

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    Amen. O Lord, increase my Faith and help my unbelief πŸ™

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    Dear Father in heaven please give me the grace to value your presence in everything I do. Amen πŸ™

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    Amen. Lord please increase my faith and belief in you

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    Amen. Please Lord I believe in you help my unbelief

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    Amen Fr.

    Lord, help me.

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    O’ God increase in me the desire to always remain in presence with unwaveable Faith. To strive to be holy and love Thee completely all the days of my life in Jesus Christ name. Amen

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    Amen Padre and may God help our unbelief and make us believe and not doubt his presence whenever we visit the chapel also help us concentrate whenever we are in the church to worship him or spiritual activities are carried out. Amen. Thanks Padre.

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    May God give us the grace to value his presence genuinely in our lives. Amen.

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    Amen, remain blessed Bro

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    Amen! God please help me and give me the grace to have total faith in You

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    LORD JESUS help me to overcome all my challenges today and forever AMEN πŸ™ I still believe you and have a full Faith

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