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Everything is Possible Through Jesus Christ. December 31


Breakfast with the Word December 31


John 1:1-18


As we approach the end of the year, what we can do today is to truly appreciate God for His sincere love and grace for deeming us worthy to see the end of the year.


How do you feel to see yourself again to behold the end of the year? Do you think you did something special to be among the living? It is not by our own making but by the special grace of God. 


In today’s gospel, the church provides us with the same reading of Christmas day. There is a reason for that. As we come to the end of the year, we thank God for His favours, grace, guidance, blessings and life that He gives to us. 



 Everything is possible through Jesus Christ whom John says in the gospel that He is grace upon grace. In essence, the reason we are here today is only by His grace.



We also commiserate with those who lost their beloved ones this year, please it is not a sign that God hates you. Do not give up on God.



Death is a human phenomenon that all human beings must pass through. We then encourage all those who underwent difficult situations, it is not also a sign that God abandoned you. 



Some of those experiences may be there to teach you. Let us all hold on to Jesus Christ and put Him first in everything that we do.


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He is the Beginning and the End.



Today, the Church presents to us the same gospel we read on the day of Christmas about the Word that was made flesh. The reading comes at the birth of Jesus and thus at the end of the year.




This is a reminder that Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end. The day of Christmas signifies that He is the beginning and today indicates that He is the end. Everything is Only through Jesus Christ.



He is the Alpha and Omega. Everything begins through Him and will surely end through Him. This is also reminding us that we cannot do without Him, for in Him all things hold together (Colossians 1:17).



Hence, the Church is reminding us that at the end of our lives, a life without Jesus loses a lot.

Therefore, our salvation is only through Jesus Christ.




 Everything comes into Being Through Him.



In the gospel, John says that everything that comes into being was made possible through Jesus. 

There is nothing that is, except through Him. That we are here today to see the end of this year is not by our power or might. 




Therefore, life is not in the hands of the powerful, prominent, wealthy, professional etc many of them also longed for this day but couldn’t make it, May their souls rest in peace. Amen.



Today, we thank God for all the good things He did for us. We thank Him for the seen and unseen.

Many things would have befallen us but we survived them through the grace of God.

Do you know that many people may have prayed that you fail or that you will not make it? 



Do not be surprised that some people may be thinking you will not live. We always have people whose prayer is to see us fall but nothing comes into being without Jesus, One with God is the majority. 



Therefore, let us cling to Him, in the New Year. Everything is only through Jesus Christ. He is the secret of grace. Jesus is life, He is our salvation. Without Him we are nothing.



There are also times you think you may not make it, there are times you lost hope in yourself but God keeps supporting you and blessing you with life and provisions. Thank God you are alive till today. It can only be through God.




Do not be happy because others could not make it. Do not be happy because some people died and you are living. Let your happiness not be because some others are suffering and languishing in pain in the hospital, no. We thank God for everything both good and bad. We thank Him for the good things He gives to us. 




Therefore, We owe Him our gratitude and thanksgiving. As we also prepare to enter the new year, we also need Him in everything we do. Let us not repay the Lord with evil. Do not desert your God. He loves you more than you think. Everything we need in the new year is also possible through Him. Everything is possible only through Jesus Christ. 





 He is What We pray For.




In the gospel, John says that through him all things came to be,

not one thing had its being but through him. All that came to be had life in Him.



John also says that Jesus is that light of men, a light that shines in the dark and light that darkness could not overpower. 



As we prepare for the coming year, many of us will be praying for more life, graces of God in every ramification, and God’s presence in everything we do. 



And in the gospel of today, John says that the Word which has come to dwell with us, that is Jesus Christ, is life. What has come into being is life ( John 1:4). 



Therefore, whatever comes to be is through Jesus. Life was possible through Him alone. Therefore, Everything that we are to pray for in the new year is possible through Jesus Christ. 



John also says that He is the Light that shines in the darkness, and darkness could not overcome it (John 1:5).




 In the gospel of the 29th of December, Simeon calls Him a light of revelation to the gentiles. (Luke 2:32). 



 In essence, His presence is nothing but light in which darkness can not overcome.

Therefore, with Jesus, we shall walk in the light. We need this light in the new year. We have to resolve to walk in the light, to walk in peace, righteousness, grace, power and divine breakthrough.




 Finally, the gospel affirms that from His fullness, we can receive grace upon grace.  

These point to the fact that whatever we are praying for is already in Christ Jesus.





To accept Him means to accept life, live in the light, overcome the power of darkness and be rich in His grace. 




Everything is possible through Jesus Christ. We need Him for that special blessing. We need Him for another long journey of the New Year. 



As we join in thanking God for seeing us through the challenges of the year, we continue to pray for His grace for another journey. 




As you read this, we also pray for life, grace and God’s mighty presence in our lives, friends, relations and family. We also pray for others that God shows His mercy on them. 




We say thank you Lord. Amen.


  1. Rosemary says

    Amen 🙏

  2. Chisom Egwudike says

    Thank you Lord for all that you’ve done for me, my family and friends, all through the year.

  3. Gloria Azuka Obiora says

    Father Lord we thank you for being there for us throughout this year is not by our power or might but by your grace we pray that your grace and mercy will keep us going through out our life sorurgourn on earth. Fr more grace and annointing of God upon you

  4. Mrs Nora Nkoli Anabiri says

    Amennnnnnn. Thank You Abba Father, thank You my Lord and my God. Thank You for the gift of life,thank You for Your faithfulness in my life and my family, I pray for Your protection guidance, mercy, provisions, good health and Favours on me, my daughter,,my family members, my loved ones,,the admins and their families and our spiritual director, Fr Sanctus Mario and all our members in Jesus mighty name Amen

  5. Mbama Christiana says

    Thank You Jesus for everything.

  6. Anujue Ifeanyichukwu Godwin says

    Thank You Jesus.Amen

  7. Dr Nicholas Onyia A. says

    Thank you lord for all you have done, you are doing, and you will do, in my life, my family and humanity. Thank you for using Fr Sanctus as your special instrument to be daily touching our lives. Receive all glory, praises, worship, honour, power and adoration, in Jesus mighty name, amen. Thank you Jesus!!!

  8. Ekwem Emmanuela Chiamaka says

    Amen. Thanksgiving to God for the gift of life and for His blessings upon us. God bless you fr. for impacting us through the word of God. May His grace and mercy never depart from you 🙏

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