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Total Dedication to God : Breakfast with the Word 30th December


Luke 2:36-40


Dedication is the act of giving a lot of energy and time to something you think is important. It is a total commitment to something or somebody you believed in. Dedication to God means when we devote our lives, energy, time, talents, services etc. to God. Dedication is also a ceremony to officially dedicate a thing or somebody to God, for religious purposes. These definitions come into play today in the gospel reading of Luke 2:36-40.


The Presentation of Jesus


The Presentation of Jesus in the temple continues today. Presentation literally indicates when something is given to someone or a group of people. Therefore, the presentation of Jesus is in observance of the requirements of Exodus 13:2; to consecrate every firstborn to the Lord. From the readings of yesterday, the ceremony implies that Jesus is consecrated and dedicated to God.


Dedication in the life of the Parents of Jesus


The parents of Our Lord Jesus Christ did not fail to fulfil their religious obligations. Today, the parents of Jesus Christ presented their Child to God first. This shows their total dedication to the things of God. They put God first and remained totally committed to Him. The first place they brought their child was before God. When you look at this family, you will see that everything about them is God.


Life of Dedication in the Prophetess Anna


When we read the life of Anna, we also see such acts of dedication to God. The reading says that Anna is always in the temple, fasting and praying day and night.

Let us not forget that the promise about the messiah is made long ago before its fulfilment. So how could this woman be waiting all these long times without losing hope? Think of how many men and women in Israel who looked forward in vain over all those years. Many must have lost hope, but she never availed herself of the presence of God.


This is how Christianity supposed to be. The truth is that this woman believed in God’s promises and hence dedicated herself to Him. Anything apart from visiting God daily is nothing to her. What a life of total dedication? Can we say this about us today?

Her life of dedication hence did not go in vain. We can see that God did not forsake her. He does not forsake the one who truly loves Him. Anna can talk about Jesus today because of Her closeness to God. Many truths are revealed to her through this relationship.


We need a Life of Total Dedication.


Our lives as Christians should be nothing if not a life of total commitment to God. If we truly say we love God, we have to devote ourselves sincerely to Him. For us to talk distinctly, convincingly, boldly, and certainly about God, we must have some certain knowledge of Him, and this knowledge is only possible through relationship and total dedication.

Anna is truly blessed that she saw the Saviour just before she died. We can always have God’s blessings if we can have Jesus near us every day. Let us show our commitment to God. God does not forsake His own.

When we talk about this, we are not talking of, merely fulfilling our religious obligations without sound and true knowledge of whom we worship. All we ought to do is to put God first in our lives. God must be really first and sincerely first. We have to commit ourselves in this relationship. Let us always have time for God.

May God continue to be with you today dearest and give us the grace to know Him more and more. May His abiding presence remain with you today and in all you do. Amen


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