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Jesus is the Center, Not Signs and Wonders. Wednesday 1st Week of Lent


Breakfast with the Word: Wednesday First Week of Lent 

Luke 11:29-32



An inspiring lyric from Darlene Zschech says:

Jesus be the center of my Life

Jesus be the center of my Life

From beginning to the end

It will always be, it is always been you

Jesus, Jesus

You can check the song on YouTube. It is highly inspiring. 


The center is the middle point of a diagram. Therefore, the center of something is where every activity is directed or focused. Hence, Jesus is the center and should be the center of our lives. 

In Luke 11:29-32, Jesus reprimands the crowd who gather in numbers around Him and calls them a wicked generation. Jesus warns them against focusing their attention only on seeking signs and wonders. 

Jesus condemns this type of attitude, especially when countless signs had already happened before their eyes, yet they continue to look for more. Also, He reminds them that no sign will be given to them except the sign of Jonah the prophet.  


Jonah As A Sign.


Jonah became a sign for the people of Nineveh. He gave his life to appease the wrath of God coming upon the city of Nineveh. Jonah stayed in the belly of the fish for three days, and nights and death did not hold him.


So, in Luke 11:29-32, Jesus tells the crowd who gather today around Him that this is the type of sign that God would give to them to certify who He is. 


Therefore, like Jonah, Jesus would be a similar sign to His generation. In essence, He would give His life for them, suffer and die because of them. And after three days, He would resurrect and still be alive.

This is the greatest sign. It is therefore, the sign of the resurrection of which no one has ever attempted to this day.

This singular sign will prove to them that He is the messiah. It is not more signs and wonders.


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Desperate for Sign and Miracles.



 In Luke 11:29-32, Just as the crowd gathered around Jesus looking for signs, wonders and miracles, is how the people of today rush to miracle centers and prayer houses. We rush only to seek miracles and forget the most important thing, which is relationship with God.

We do forget that Jesus is the Center and not the signs and miracles.



Today, many self-acclaimed men of God use this opportunity to deceive the people. Many arrange miracles and perform magic to advertise their prayer shop and churches.

It is pity when any minister advertises miracles for the sake of getting members. These things should be aimed at strengthening the faith and touching lives, simple.

Let us always stand on the truth. We are not the doers of the Miracles. God works in His own way.


Hence, our prayers  should be a heartful communication between us and God. Many people have turned prayer into weekly miracle advertisements and shows. 



Today, many Christians are desperate to see signs and wonders, prophecies, miracles without truly knowing and accepting the true message of salvation. We have to know God first. Then these things are added unto us. This is the reason many Christians blame God for everything. They only go to God for the sake of miracles and not for the sake of relationship. We have to understand that relationship with God must come first.


Therefore, Knowing God and seeking relationship with Him must be the first. He says seek you first the kingdom of God, then other things will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33)


Today, there is a growing tendency to focus our spirituality on signs rather than on Jesus.


Many Christians now go to the presence of God not to change our lives but because we want to be entertained, we want to see miracles, signs and wonders.We are deviating from the true purpose.


Therefore let us not forget that Jesus is the Center of everything we do.



Warning to This Generation.



In Luke 11:29-32, Jesus gives a stern warning to his generation in the gospel when they demand a sign from him. 

It was characteristic of the Jews to seek signs from heaven to authenticate that one is truly a messenger of God. But Jesus, who is greater than any sign, has been with them.


They could hardly discern who He is. Hence, this is an indication that one can be a churchgoer without having knowledge and a personal relationship with the Lord.



The Ninevites recognized God’s warning when God sent Jonah to preach to them. They heard the word and repented. The Queen of Sheba recognized God’s wisdom in Solomon. She traveled from a far distance to have an encounter with Solomon.  



Unfortunately, the religious leaders of His time reject Jesus as God’s Anointed One (Messiah), and they fail to heed his message, despite that He is right there before their eyes. Therefore, what they want is a sign.



 It is also a problem today. We hear, read and listen to the word, but we do not want to change. Despite the daily gospel messages, evil continues to rise. Hence, we harden our hearts and even believe that God does not exist. But when problems come, we wander from one prayer house to another, seeking revelation, miracle, signs and wonders.



So, Jesus needs us now. Hence,  He should be the center of every worship and everything we do in life. Therefore let us strive to know God first before seeking for signs and wonders.


Signs and wonders spirituality is a shallow spirituality. It is not wrong to ask God for anything. Signs and wonders give joy to the spirit when they happen. But seeking God only for the sake of wonders and miracles is where we miss the mark.



To Accept Jesus.



What God wants in our lives is to accept Jesus and live by His word. The presence of Jesus in our lives can transform us. Jesus is the center of the revival. And He authenticated this sign through His death and resurrection. 


Accepting Jesus and living by His word is accepting change. To accept Jesus and live by His Word is to accept wisdom. Accepting Jesus is accepting healing etc. Hence, He is the center of your life and everything you do. 



How many signs and wonders do many prophets of our time today claim they have done, yet evil continues to increase. God can work miracles, but it should not be the center of attention. The center of attention should be to change our hearts.


Therefore, if we need a change in our families, communities, homes, places of work etc., always work towards the salvation of souls. 

Jonah converted the great city of Nineveh by his godliness and his preaching, not by miracles. Holiness is a great marvel. 

“Seek first the kingdom of God, and other things will follow” (Matthew 6:33). Therefore, a total change of heart is the key, and the best way to begin this is to listen to Jesus, think Jesus, and do like Jesus.

 May God sanctify us and give us the grace to continually come close to Him. Amen.


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