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When it looks As If God does not answer Prayers Mark 7:24–30


Breakfast with the Word Thursday Week 5 in Ordinary Time of the Year



One of the things that affect our faith today is when it looks as if God does not want to answer your prayers in the face of difficulties. Sometimes we feel like God is keeping quiet when we have prayed and toiled asking God for something.

Sometimes it looks as if God does not answer our prayers. At this point, we become tired of praying and try to run away from Him. 


The truth here is, whether you think He is answering or not answering, do not just go away from God. No one knows what He is doing. Do not just go away. Do not become tired. Stand up to the tests and be persistent.

When it looks as if God does not want to answer prayers is not a sign, He does not answer. So, it is good to be consistent in seeking the presence of God. Jesus has taught about this several times.

You can check Luke 11:1-13, Luke 18:1-8, and today the Syrophoenician woman put that into practice. We can as well put it into practice. Persistence shows you have faith that He can do it for you.


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The Faith of the Gentile Woman.



When the woman whose daughter had an unclean spirit heard that Jesus was in Tyre, she quietly entered the house to meet Jesus.

The woman is a pagan. She would have speculated like most of us do that Jesus would not listen to her considering her background and that people will stop her because of her origin.

The woman is a Greek, and at that time, all Greeks were called dogs by the Jewish society. Therefore, the woman was considered the least in the eyes of the Jews. Because of this, she would have kept her distance from Jesus. But the woman was faithful and persistent, and yet hopeful. 


This admirable Gentile lady was nothing if not courageous and persistent. At first, Jesus said no to her request, but she did not take no for an answer. Deep within her, she is not ready to leave God’s presence unless Jesus grants she is requesting.


The lesson here is; when it looks as if God does not want to answer your prayers, is the reason we have to pray hard. The time of challenges is the time we have to raise the magnitude of our faith. It is not the time to lose hope in God.


When it looks as if God does not want to answer your prayers may be the time He wants to know if actually, if you have faith that He can do what you are requesting. It may be a time He wants to know if the reason you come to Him is only because of the request, or that you truly love Him.


When you are expecting something, and you begin to experience more challenges, keep your faith. Anything with more challenges comes with more blessings. Do not doubt this. Never lose hope in God if truly He is your father. 


Once it is something between you and God, do not conclude yet. Do not run or go away from God. Never get tired seeking His presence. Be there, continue to seek God’s presence. Only God knows what He is doing, and the end is always better.


May God bless you and answer your prayers in a way you least expect. Amen.


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