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How to Win Souls for God: Breakfast with the Word Mark 6:7-13.


Breakfast with the Word Thursday Fourth Week Ordinary Time of the Year B




Every person who has come to this world has a mission to win souls for God. Our coming to this world indicates that we are coming for something important.


No one comes to this world to do nothing, and there is a singular purpose by which every mission on earth circumvents. This purpose is to save and win souls for God through the things He calls us to do.

This mission is full of challenges and difficulties which can make us weak, tired and sometimes forget that we are in the world for the sake of something very precious to God.


When we read the gospel of today on how Jesus sends His twelve apostles on a mission, we would glean from the passage, the necessary things we need to know on how to win souls for God. These are:



Trust in God’s Provision.


When you read the gospel, one would begin to wonder how on earth would Jesus tell His apostles not to take any bread, bag, tunic and even money.

Anybody who is going to work or travelling know that these things are highly essential.



It means that the disciples are to proceed without the necessary things needed. Two things are involved here; the Sender who sends knows He is the one in charge.


His power is omnipotent and omniscient that He knows that despite that they do not have anything, they would never lack.


Secondly, the Sender knows He is the master of the work, and we are just mere instruments. He is always there to make things work well. Thirdly, the Sender wants us to remain focused on the mission.


In the world, we are not working for ourselves but God. He owns the work, and the owner knows how to provide the inspiration, ideas, strength, provisions and the graces we need to win souls for Jesus.


One may begin to wonder how and what to say, and hence from nowhere, ideas flow. Always decide to do something and go forward in it. He will create the right paths and raise people who will always be there for you.


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Be on the Obeying Side.



As we reflect on this gospel, let us not also forget the apostles. I was surprised that not even one of them could question Jesus, the reason, He is telling them to go on such a journey with the necessary things every person needs.


None of them decided against taking such risk even. What if anything happens to them.


These apostles obeyed and went on the journey. Therefore, never doubt God or disobey Him. Whatever God says that we should do, we have to do it.


Do not take God’s work as your own that you do it anyhow. In every service you render, positions you occupy and work that we do, use it and save souls rather than destroying them.


In the end, that is the trophy we are going to show our God.



Work In Harmony.


Jesus decided today to send them in pairs. This apostolic act has a symbolic effect. Jesus is invariably telling us that we also need the help and presence of the other person.


One Philosopher says that a work achieved by one person in ten years will take two persons five years.


When you are working with people, you are not there to cause fight, quarrel and division. You are there to join hands together and win souls and save lives. Always work in harmony with people and those you are working with.


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Focus on Your Mission First and Not on Personal Comfort.


When Jesus tells His apostles that any house they enter, they should stay there until their work is over, did He not remember that the people may not be ready for them?

What if the apostles become a burden to the people He is sending them? What if the place is uncomfortable for the apostles? Hence, what if they enter a family that does not have much for them? How can the family feed two persons at a time, after a long duration?


Jesus seems to be more focused on the work and not on their comforts. But the truth is that He who sends is always in charge.


Therefore, we should not be worrying ourselves up and down that we begin to lose focus on why we are doing a particular work and the reason we are where we are.


In everything you do, remain entirely focused on the work. Once, a friend who received a post to a new place asked me to advise him. I told him that I do not have much to say. But, to focus on gaining souls for God than personal gains.


When you focus on the souls God has given to us, we win eternal life for ourselves and even win those personal gains even in ways we never expected.


Whatever service you render and whichever position or work we do, focus entirely on it. When people see how you are working for them, they will draw to you.


If you are a political leader, playing politics even with the lives of the people will not only bring your personality to the mud but make people lose their respect for you.


We either make heaven or hell with the things we do for the people. Hence, do not be distracted by what you want to gain. God is the first, and every other thing will follow.


May God help us to recognize our missions and use it to win souls than eternal damnation. May He continue to bless and protect you. Amen


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