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John 12:1-11: Show Jesus Extravagant Love. Monday of the Holy Week

Breakfast With the Word Monday of the Holy Week


John 12:1-11





Extravagant simply means spending too much or using too much of anything. It sometimes involves going to the extreme at a point it becomes unreasonable. It is something that costs a lot.



In John 12:1-11 Mary shows us how our love for Jesus should be. In John 12:1-11 Mary showed Jesus a love that in the face of observers looks unreasonable, an action that’s quite costly and a gesture that looks so unthinkable but in the face of Jesus was quite admirable. Our love for Jesus should be extravagant, costly and might look unreasonable in the face of people. Our love for Jesus should surround everything we do.



 It costs Mary Financially.



Mary took a pound of ointment of pure nard, very precious” Nard is imported from India, which in part accounts for its expense. The perfume is worth three hundred denarii, which is a year’s wages for a workingman.


This does not indicate that Mary is wealthy, as some have suggested. This is more likely an extravagant gesture by a woman of ordinary means. It is a sacrificial offering. Beloved, never look back if you want to do anything for God.


Mary’s expensive anointing looks forward to the anointing by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, who will use one hundred litras of myrrh and aloes (John 19:38-40) an anointing fit for a king. To show how expensive the death of Jesus is and how we are going to reward Him back with such love.



 It Costs Mary Her Pride.


In John 12:1-11, Mary “anointed the feet of Jesus” Anointing the feet is a humble gesture. The care of another person’s feet is a task reserved for the lowliest of servants.


Therefore, let us not forget Jesus’ washing of the disciples’ feet in John 13 and instructing the disciples to do the same for each other ( John 13:14-15) a sign of Humility.


Mary also “ wiped his feet with her hair”. This is a shocking gesture in a culture where women do not let their hair down in the presence of any man other than their husband.


Therefore, Our love of Jesus should cost us our pride. There is no big man in the presence of God. Do not feel we are heaven and earth.


In the presence of God forget who you are and be humble. Michal criticized David in 2 Samuel 6 for dancing before the Lord and David answered her “Yes, and I am willing to look even more foolish than this, even to be humiliated in my own eyes” in verse 23 Michal remained childless all the days of her life. Humble yourself before the Lord.



 It Costs Mary Her Reputation.



While Mary was anointing the feet of Jesus, people like Judas and other apostles as was reported in Matthew 26 and Mark 14 criticized Mary. But that didn’t stop her.


When we try to fully involve ourselves in the things of God, some people will make a joke about it, some will continue to crucify us, some will always put our reputation on the line.


Never allow any stop you. If the love we show Jesus has not cost us anything then we have not started. It might cost you time, finance, and resources but do not bother and do not give up. Jesus admires every single effort we make for the love of Him. The love of Jesus should be an extravagant and limitless one.



May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to continually come close to Him Amen




  1. Mailoushi James says

    Amen, remain blessed Fr.

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  3. Rosemary Umeze says

    Amen and Amen

  4. Onyekonwu Ngozi says

    Amen. Thank you Master Jesus for the extravagant love you have for me. Lord giveve me grace to reciprocate that extravagant love to you too.

  5. Adichie Chizoba says

    Amen. I love you Jesus

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  7. Eze, Blessing Chinasa says

    Amen. Thank you Father and may God continue to bless you 🙏.



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  10. Enibe Jacinta Amara says

    O ! dear lord help me to show you extravagant love as Mary did Amen

  11. Blessing Chilo Adie says

    Let nothing take away my love for you oh Lord through Christ our Lord Amen

  12. Desmond Oloto says

    Amen 🙏. Thanks so much for sharing Padre. May God continue to bless you more.

  13. Dorothy Mary Iyinbor says

    Amen thanks Padre

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  15. Chukwu janefrances says

    Lord, may I follow the example of this holy woman, Mary. Help me to humble myself before You and honor You with my whole life.

  16. Adeline Chidimma says

    Amen and Amen. God I need your Grace and mercy

  17. Carmela U. Ekwem says

    Amen & Amen! Thanks and God bless you too Fr.

  18. Dr Nicholas Onyia A. says

    Jesus, I love you. All I have is yours. Yours I am, and yours I want to be. Do with me whatever pleases you. Please, give me the grace to be very close to you always, as all my trust and hope are in you. I pray in Jesus name, amen. Remain richly blessed, fr.

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    Amen. God bless you Padre for this wonderful message.

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    Amen Fr

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    Thank you Lord Jesus for Watching over me Blessed be your Holy Name Now and Forever IJMN Amen

  28. Chinwe Agwoile says

    Christ in me is my prospering power!
    Lord Jesus, You are Love itself. Give me the desire and generous love for holy people, holy things, and holy places. Lord, I have been so very blessed in my life. Sometimes I forget that I have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than me. Help me to always remember to care for the poor around me and in our world. Amen!
    Am resolved to 𝘽𝙚.𝙖.𝙥𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙩.𝙤𝙛.𝙡𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩🕯️
    May this Holy Week Favour us, IJMN!

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    Amen. Thank you Padre.. God bless you 🙏

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