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The Harvest is Plenty. Tuesday 14th Week Ordinary Time


Breakfast with the Word Tuesday 14th Week Ordinary Time


Matthew 9:32-38



Harvest means the time of gathering, reaping and collecting farm products. As Jesus moves around, He sees the crowd who are like sheep without a shepherd. Jesus moves with pity towards them. He tells His disciples that the Lord’s harvest is plenty, but labourers are very few.


Jesus came to gather the nations into God’s kingdom, letting us know that the souls to gather for this mission are plenty, but those who are to gather them are very few.


 The Work of God is Plenty.


The use of abundance by Jesus reveals that there are many things we can do for God.

The problem is not that there is no work. Hence, it is not that there is nothing we can do for God.

The problem is that few workers are willing to. Therefore, this is a pointer that the work of God is inexhaustible.

So, the harvest is plenty for us to gather and collect the farm products. We have many things to do for God. So, which one are you cultivating for the Lord?

Many times we feel there is no work to do for God. There are many of them. Choose any apostolate you want.

There is this young lady who answers Nelojosh on her Facebook page. She specializes in visiting old aged people across the eastern states, putting smiles on their faces. Whoever thought that such could be a kind of apostolate? So, let us come out of our comfort zones and find something to do for God.




We need More Labourers.



Today, Jesus sees that the people are like sheep without a Shepherd. They look abandoned, dejected and harassed. Jesus now asks His disciples to pray to God for more labourers.

The essence is that we need labourers who are willing to put their hearts in the Lord’s work.If we can teach and defend the faith, help those in need, speak to the suffering and encourage them, visit the orphans, visit the sick people at home etc, then there we go. They are part of the apostolate.

Christians can organise in their different parishes and communities to form something like a hospital apostolate. And visit many people who are suffering in the hospitals.

We can have something like a peace forum where a group will concentrate on making peace for families that disintegrate.

Also, many people are suffering. Many people are looking for someone who will encourage them. We can be a light to them.

We can also see today that many people are losing faith. Some do not go to church any longer. Hence, we can form groups who can make out time to visit them and be an instrument of conversion to these souls.

There are many children today who do not have anyone paying their school fees. Some of them are suffering in their homes. Many of them are living beside you, under your watch, before you and close to you. Hence, It can also be a form of apostolate.


Therefore, there are many apostolates we can do. Everything must not be limited to speaking in tongues and doing signs and wonders. So, we need labourers for the Lord’s harvest.

We have to understand that the harvest is plenty and enough. Let us be part of the labourers Jesus is praying for.



The Harvest is Plenty: Face Your Farm.



After Jesus healed the dumb who is under demonic possession, the crowds were astonished, but the Pharisees were not. However, they accuse him of driving out demons with the help of the prince of demons.

So, while others were praising God, those who felt that their honour and respect were at risk began to grumble: which is a sign of jealousy.

In the book of Samuel, when Saul felt that His position was at risk, He became jealous of David and did everything to terminate his life. Jealousy breeds hatred and unnecessary competition.

The harvest is always plenty. Hence, there is no need for unnecessary competition. Let us face our farm. So, we have a lot of work to do. Let us face one.

In essence, we must not imitate others. Sometimes we forget that we have a lot to be done, but we spend more time developing jealousy and hatred for the people trying to use their gifts. The work of God is abundant and enormous. Let us face our farms.

Paul takes time to explain in 1 Corinthians 12 that though we are one body, there are many gifts abundant and enough for everyone and all for the building of the same body in Christ.

Therefore, let us not be like the Pharisees who can never see any good thing in what Jesus is doing. There are many works to be done. Let us find one and put all our heart into it.


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The Harvest is not Ours.



The harvest belongs to God. Jesus is the Lord of the harvest. So, It is not ours. We are only mere instruments that God uses. Therefore, any position, gift, talent that we possess or services that we do were given to us by God. There is no need to compete with anyone. Use what you have for the glory of God.

To do this, what we need most is the grace of God. Let us always go to the Lord of the harvest to fill us with the graces and strength necessary for the work. He is willing if we are willing.

May God bless you dearest, and help us find what to do and do it with all our hearts. Amen



  1. Okwuchukwu Judith says

    Thank you father,may God continue to strengthen you and may he give us more grace to work in his vanyard. Amen

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  3. Onyinye Okoyenta says

    Thank you for reminding us of our mission work for the Kingdom of God. There is enough work to me done towards bringing in souls to the Lord’s fold/kingdom.

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