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The Mission to the Lost Sheep. Wednesday 14th Week Ordinary Time


Breakfast with the Word Wednesday 14th Week Ordinary Time Year B


Matthew 10:1-7.



A mission is a specific task that someone in authority charges another person or a group to do. 


When someone in authority or group sends someone or charges him to carry out a particular task or fulfil an objective, it means that the person is on a mission.


In the gospel, Jesus chooses His apostles who are twelve in number and charges them to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, proclaiming to them that the kingdom of God is at hand. This missionary mandate continues through the apostles and is handed over to us from age to age.


Therefore, the Church has a missionary mandate to carry out and continue the work of evangelization, touching souls and preaching the good news.


In the same vein, we also have our mission on earth. Jesus also sends us on the mission to touch and bring back the lost sheep among us.


 It is God that calls and chooses.


Today, Jesus calls His apostles and gives them authority over unclean spirits and to heal every disease. No apostle forced himself on Jesus. Jesus freely calls and chooses them. None of them assumed the authority. After calling them, Jesus grants them the authority to go to the lost sheep of Israel, which He repeated before ascending into heaven in Matthew 29.


Therefore every authority is given. Authority is the legitimate power vested upon someone because of the position the person occupies.


Therefore in this mission, the work we do is given. We do not assume authority on our own accord. The authority to work in the vineyard of God has to come from the Lord of the Vineyard.


Therefore, whatever we need for the work, we have to ask the Lord of the Vineyard. When we pray, and it seems nothing is moving forward, remember that everything you have, God gives them to you. The best approach is to meet the Giver of gifts, the Lord of the Vineyard, the Bestower of graces.


 No One does It Alone.


In today’s gospel, Jesus takes His time and selects twelve able-bodied men as a representative of the Twelve tribes of Israel. This teaches us that the work is collaborative. It is not a one man’s work.


This is teaching us the importance of working together with others and as a community. Jesus is God and has unlimited power, but He chooses men who are going to continue from where He would stop.


In every work we do, it is good to remind us that we need the other person. We may need his or her ideas, support and strength to move forward. Therefore, we need to understand the importance of putting heads together to work in collaboration with other people.



Jesus did not do the work alone. Therefore, we should not think we can do the work alone. We need advice, encouragement, time, gifts, talents, support and the prayers of the other person.


Maybe the person you are having problems with today, or that person you are so envious of, is the one God puts in your path to help you. Sometimes, we make the mistake of fighting people whom God has ordained to help us achieve our life dreams.


Let us learn the need to work in togetherness and love. No one does the work alone. The mission that brings you into this world needs the collaborative help of someone. Who knows, it may be the person you are fighting today.


 In the Twelve


In the twelve, we have men of different abilities, towns, cities, tribes, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, different missions, etc., but for the same work. 


Jesus did not for one day expel anyone. He accommodates their strengths and weaknesses and uses them all for the good of the gospel. In many communities, churches, groups, associations, it is always good to know that the people we work with are men and women of different abilities, strengths and weaknesses.


The work might still have something positive they can contribute, for God does not make mistakes in choosing. So, in the mission of saving the lost souls, let us understand that everyone may have something he can contribute.


Therefore, never underrate the other person. Our strengths, abilities, gifts etc., are not the same. In the apostles, you will find tax collectors, fishermen, etc. Everyone has a place he is a specialist.


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 To the Lost.


The mission we have on earth is to touch souls and bring them back to God as Jesus tells his apostles to go to the lost sheep of the tribes of Israel. There are people who are living with us and around us who have lost faith in God.


There are people have become unbelievers overnight. Therefore, our mission is to bring the gospel to them.


The mission is not only for those who support us, those who are with us and sing our praises. The mission includes souls who have not heard about God, those who need conversion, and many souls who have gone astray. Let us bring the gospel to them.


There is a soul somewhere that might need what you can offer. It may be just your idea, encouragement, advice, book etc. We may not know those we touch, with the little things we do. The mission needs even that little thing you can offer.



May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to touch souls for Him. May He never abandon you Amen.



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