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Without Jesus We Can Never Be Satisfied. Tuesday 3rd week of Easter


Breakfast With the Word Tuesday Third Week of Easter.

John 6:30-35.


The gospel of today is a follow up from the gospel of yesterday. After Jesus must have fed the multitude and left, they kept looking for Him and found Him. It is surprising to see that today these same people, are asking for signs so that they will then believe. Hence, instead of showing them signs and wonders again to prove Himself, Jesus teaches them the need to come to Him always and believe in Him. The lesson here is that without Jesus, there is no true satisfaction.

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Man is Insatiable.


In the gospel of today, we can see that the miracle of the feeding of the multitude was not enough to make the Jews believe in Jesus. They ask Jesus “what signs can you do so that we can believe in you?


Maybe the signs they are seeking is to see heaven come down and the sun changes its colour. Like God worked great wonders in the Old Testament, they want to see Jesus divide the sea into two, and many signs like that. Therefore, they are seeking more signs and more work.


Here, we can then ask “does it mean that these people are not satisfied with the miracle of the multiplication of five thousand? What signs are they seeking again to believe?

The truth here is that maybe they want more miracle of the multiplication of loaves from Jesus. They want to eat more bread. Hence, this underscores the insatiability of the human being.


Despite whatever man acquires and continues to acquire, no matter his longing for earthly things and more, He can never be satisfied.

This is why a kidnapper, continues to kidnap without stopping. This is the reason those in power will always find it hard to relinquish power. Therefore, we see the reason, there is much greediness in the land.


Everyone wants to acquire the whole earth. Man wants to rise to a certain position and thinks while reaching there, his joy will be complete only to find out that the position he is aspiring for, is also a beginner to another quest for earthly life. Nothing earthly can satisfy the longings of man.



Earthly Happiness is Always Temporary.

This is the reason many people are fighting themselves. Everybody thinks he/she is born to rule. We think when we get what we want, then everything will come in place, only to find out that we still need more.

On earth, the more we pursue earthly happiness and comfort, the more, we discover, they are within our reach. This is why many marriages are breaking.


The quest to seek for satisfaction make some couple remain unfaithful to each other, because of the quest to jump from one bed to another.


At last, we discover that everything on earth is temporary and limited. Without Jesus, we can never know what it means to respect your matrimonial home.


The issue here is that we seek everlasting happiness where there is no everlasting happiness. Let us always know that only in Jesus can we be satisfied. Only a marriage built on Jesus can find satisfaction.


When couples remain close to God, they make Him the foundation of their marriage. There, you encounter fidelity, love, holiness, respect, mutual understanding and tolerance and peaceful home.


Secondly, only a leader filled with the Spirit of Christ can be satisfied with the little he or she has. Without Jesus possessing Him entirely, he may not even understand the plight of the people under him.


In the Old Testament, even the manna in the wilderness left the people unsatisfied because so many of them ate without having strong faith in God. They grumbled: “Manna again?” and now Jesus says that He is the bread of life: if they eat that bread, they will never be hungry, and if they believe, they will never be thirsty.

The people responded rightly in John 6:34, “Sir, from now on give us this bread.” Therefore, they are longing only for the earthly bread and not deep faith in Jesus.


Only In Jesus.


In this chapter of the gospel, Jesus saw that the people needed food, He fed them and they ate to their satisfaction but yet they were not satisfied.

Their experience is the experience in the world today. We eat, acquire and try to possess the entire earth, yet we want more.

We commit ourselves only to seeking earthly happiness, but happiness is beyond our grasp. Every person wants to acquire the ends of the earth, yet there is no satisfaction. Every political party wants to rule, yet they want to rule till eternity.


Many African leaders today find it hard to relinquish power. In many families today, there is this constant struggle on what to possess.

We want to possess the entire land and properties but yet, we cannot be happy. A rich man will build the highest mansion on earth, but yet, he sees something is lacking in him.


The truth here is that no matter how much we think we can acquire everything, true happiness can never come from earthly things. The happiness that comes from them is temporary.


True and sincere happiness comes from God. Jesus answered the people: I am the bread of life. No one who comes to me will ever be hungry; no one who believes in me will ever thirst.


The points here are “coming to Jesus” and “believing in him”. Visiting Jesus always, and trusting in Him will give you great satisfaction. This will make you be contented with whatever that you have. Hence, by being close to Jesus, His words will be your daily food and guidance.


Heb 11:6 says that whoever comes to the presence of God will first of all believe that He exists. Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you, O Lord.”It is only on Jesus.

Therefore, without Jesus, you can never find true happiness. Without Jesus, you are missing a lot. Let us then come to Him.


May God bless you dearest and give the grace to continually come close to Him, may He never allow you to stumble Amen.


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