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Eight Things to Let Go If You Want A Change in Your Life Part 2



Soul Digest 2 Continues


Eight Things to Let Go If You Want A Change in Your Life Part 2



Welcome to the second part of this lecture. Through more inspiration,I added two more to no. 8..Other things to let go if we really want to see a change in our lives are:


4.Quit the Easy Life: Do you see this? please quit. Life can never favour the weak. One truth I want to let you know today is that life is not and can never be easy. Even those who make it in life, make serious efforts and sacrifice to keep the momentum.


If you really want to remain where you are, continue  to stay at one place doing nothing, or thinking that some are blessed and you are not. God is not partial. He also blesses you.



If you want a change in your life, know that Life has never favoured the lazy and the world is yet to celebrate one. Also, if you think that many who are where they are today got it by sleeping away their time,please think again.


If we think, it is only through sleeping we will make it in life,please we have to think again. Even Jesus has to work hard. He remained focused on His mission until He achieved it.


How can a successful minded person spend 5 hours discussing something that cannot add anything to His life?


How can one spend 4 hours sleeping when others are busy working, then we expect a change? Do not be surprised that no one is holding your destiny as you think, you may be the one who caged your destiny for long.


Please this is the time to we have liberate ourselves. Let us Work hard and work smartly.


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5.Let Go of the day you will start: It is so certain that many people want to change their lives, but they have been postponing  when they will start the journey. The best time to start is now.


Some people blame it on money and continue to wait for the money until they are advanced in age. Some others wait until after University education, and after the  university, they begin to carry files up and down looking for job, am not saying that looking for employment is not good, wow it is good, but can you take a closer look at 80% of our youths today who are at home doing nothing, and some who are now hardened criminals, many of them are graduates.



Therefore, Live your life as if there is no job in your country and start now to plan ahead. So that, if there is no job, then you have created one already. Start now to look for what to do. You can create one.



The truth of life is that there is nothing you will do, and cannot become great in it. Who wonders in the 1990’s that by now Apams will be a wonderful investment?


Apams is simply a funeral industry, they specialize in carrying and celebrating the dead. Can such give money ordinarily in our thinking? But today it does. Find anything and progress with it.




6.Let Go of Over Dependence : It is true that man can never succeed in isolation, neither will man achieve anything if he lives in extreme dependence on somebody.


Many of us today are waiting for their brothers,sisters, parents, uncles, friends to do something, otherwise they stay at home doing nothing.



When God was creating you, He did  not create you with anyone, even twins did not come out of the womb at the same thing. So, Your survival in life is not in any person’s hands. Two persons are in charge of your life, you and your God.


Do not even think that someone is owing you, please nobody is owing you, if they give you, thank your God if they do not give you, do not make it a case. They are not owing you any dime. You are owing yourself. Anything you receive from anyone is charity and nothing more.






7. Let Go of thinking Negative of Yourself: In fact one of the reasons why many have decided never to step an inch is that they are busy thinking how bad, poor, and how illiterate they are.



They always feel inferior in the midst of their peers, they are afraid to come out and show the world their talents.


Let us use our talents and serve the world,blessings will rush you like never before. Instead of being afraid of anyone let people be afraid of your presence. If you come in their midst, they will begin to shiver, because they know they cannot withstand the fire in you.



In many places In the bible,Jesus says “Do not be afraid”. Many people are afraid of their limitations,what people will think of them, and afraid of criticisms. Some of us  are afraid of even trying something new,  and afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone.


One thing I will like you to do today is to bury and burn whatever you think that is blocking you. I want to see a new life in you that is why I spend time putting this write up. Make those life changing decisions and begin. There will be a time, it will become a hobby.

If you want a change in your life, it is time to go for it.




8. Let Go of spending your money on wasteful things: One of the greatest surprises today is seeing our youths spending money on where they should not do it.


We spend money to win the love or heart of someone. The truth is that money can never buy love, if you succeed, always know that they will come for the money.


In essence, the amount of money we spend on our friends, trying to win their love, on clubbing, on excessive smoking and drinking, on buying expensive things within our limits, if we invest and use them to work for our future, by now, we would have been a millionaire.




Many of us have up to five or six or more friends we spend on, can we just sit down one day and calculate the expenses?


Can you do a little mathematics of that money you spent on drinking beer every day? If that money is maximised,it will yield many profits.


We will go on shopping to buy expensive and flashing things, yet we can not boast of a single money in  our accounts, we cannot boast of a single investment.


We have to use the little, let us use this time and build our life. Flashy things will come later. There will be a time, people even will continue to look for your favour. The world can never and will never celebrate a failure. But once you become somebody, even those who criticised you at the time of suffering will come and celebrate you.





8b. Let Go of “I have arrived mentality”: Do you know that one of our major problems is that we do not even want to rise , we do not even want to change our life. Do not be surprised. It seems that we want to remain where we are. If we want a change, we need to go higher and higher.


If we stay at home doing the same thing every day, we will still get the same results. The truth is that anything we do today should be a step to another thing.


Do not rest on your laurels, go more, move more, go higher has been the secret. Let whatever you do now be a stepping stone to another thing higher.





8c. Finally let go of thinking you can do everything alone with your human power.


Please we always need the grace of God, quit the life of prayerlessness. Anytime you need God’s grace, go in faith to the Blessed Sacrament. He has never failed.


Let us always approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (Heb 4:16). God is real, anyone who doubts that, is still toddler in the spiritual world.




May God create a powerful change in your life, as you resolve to do things better this time. God bless you.




  1. Kaanta says

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    1. Sanctus Mario says

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  2. Franklin Duru says

    This powerful Father. I am so much inspired. You got me in no.8. I was touched. I drink too much. And it is true. I spend more on drinks. Thank you so much for touching my life.

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      God bless you

  3. Samuel nwa Jesus says

    I am so much inspired. Happy to meet a priest like you. You have transformed my life in few days of reading your posts.

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    Thank you Fr. For this wonderful message. I have some challenges I’ll like you to help me and also your advice and prayers too

    1. Sanctus Mario says

      God bless you. I will send you email

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