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 Jesus does not reject the rejected. Friday After Epiphany


Breakfast With the Word Friday After Epiphany


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 Luke 5:12-16


Rejection is the refusal to accept someone. It is when someone suffers discrimination from people who suppose to welcome Him. Many of us suffer rejection at the hands of many people who are very close to us. 



Sometimes, they treat us as if we are nothing. The reason could be that we are not yet to their level or that we do not have anything. 




Also, many sick people suffer rejection. Some people discriminate against them due to the fear of contracting the ailment. This is actually, the problem of the leper today. 


Jesus’ encounter today with the leper today, shows that Jesus does not reject the rejected. When others reject you, Jesus is always there for you. 


In today’s Epiphany, the church reveals other qualities of Jesus as a great healer, one who welcomes us when others reject us, one who is willing to accept us as we are. 


He welcomes the abandoned, the forsaken, the sinner etc, to make them clean. 


Therefore, Jesus does not reject the rejected. When other helpers fail, let us always remember that we have someone willing to accept us as we are. 



Jesus is willing to accept your weakness and make you clean again. He is willing to welcome us as we are and make us whole again. Jesus does not reject anyone. 


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Jesus and the Leper.



When Jesus was in one of the towns, a man who is covered with leprosy approaches Jesus. Immediately He sees Jesus, He falls on his face and begs him. ‘Sir, ‘if you want to, you can cure me.



He gives Jesus options to heal or not to heal. He gives options to accept Him or not to accept Him. Therefore, the point here is that Jesus cannot choose not to heal. He is always ready to heal and save. 



So, immediately, Jesus stretches out his hand, touches him and says to Him, ‘Of course I want to! Be healed!’ 


The leprosy left him immediately. Jesus orders him to tell no one, but to go and show himself to the priest to make the offering for his healing as Moses prescribes it, which serves as an evidence for them.



The Interpretation.




In Jewish culture, leprosy was interpreted as a physical affliction sometimes caused by sickness or moral transgression. When someone contracts such kind of sickness, they attribute it to either sickness or the sinful past of the person.



For example, we read in Numbers 12 that Moses‘ sister, Miriam, suffered this terrible disease as a consequence of her malicious speech.  


Then the Torah teaches that during the early stages of what seemed to be a serious skin affliction, a sick person would stand before a Kohen (priest), who would diagnose the illness. 


If it was determined that the person was a leper, he or she would be expelled from the community for the duration of the recovery process.


 He will be treated as an outcast, example are the four “lepers” forced to live outside Samaria (II Kings 7:3–10) and King Uzziah, who was permanently quarantined in separate quarters (II Chron. 26:19–21).  


This explains what the man that met Jesus today in the gospel must be passing through. He was detached from the public, extricated from public and religious responsibilities, quarantined and forced to live in isolation. The man suffers great rejection from the people. 



It is the priest who will rule on the purity or impurity of the sufferer. This is why Jesus tells the man to meet the priest who will ascertain Him whole again. 




Always take the Bold and Faith Lifting Step.



First of all, instead of worrying and dying in isolation, this man takes a bold step to meet Jesus.

The leper would have also feared that Jesus would not welcome Him, since Jesus is also a jew. But the leper teaches us to always take bold and faith lifting steps if we need healing and total renewal in our lives.



We need to always take a bold step with faith because we know that Jesus does not reject anyone.

  The Leper may have met challenges on the way. People may be running away from Him or chasing him away. Some others may be shouting unclean at the sight of Him etc. But the Leper withstands those challenges and focuses on Jesus. 




Therefore, He teaches us again that when we encounter challenging circumstances that may try to pull us down or affect our faith, let us always focus on where we are going and not on the circumstances.


 Let us focus on the goal, we want to achieve and not on the problems. Also, we have to focus on Jesus and what He can do despite anything. 


The man does not fear whether Jesus is going to listen to Him or not, because Jesus is also a jew. His focus is simply to ask first. 



Therefore, the leper teaches us again that when we go in the presence of God, let us not go before God with doubts. Let us always focus. 




 Jesus can never reject the Rejected.



Jesus is a jew and would have observed the religious demands by not having any conversation or contact with the leper. But Jesus knows that His aim is only to save lives. 



Therefore, this is an epiphany about Jesus. Jesus does not reject the rejected. He does not reject anyone who truly comes to Him.



When others rejected the man, Jesus accepted Him. When others treated the man like an outcast, Jesus treated Him like the Human Being he is. Therefore, Jesus rejects no one. Jesus does not reject the rejected, rather he is willing to accept us again and again.



We are the people who have rejected Him and we are the people who think He has rejected us. Let us go to Him even in our uncleanliness. Let us stop doubting His love for us. 



The truth about Him is that we cannot meet Him and remain the same once we allow Him to do His own thing according to His own will and the way He wants. 



This is the prayer of the man with leprosy. He asks “if you will, make me clean”. This should be a model of prayer. We pray and allow God to do it in His own way. 




May God through His power continually be with us even when others have given upon us. May He never allow you to be put to shame. Amen



  1. Liza says

    Amen, more grease to your elbow Fr.

  2. Ekwem Emmanuela Chiamaka says

    Amen and Amen


    Amen, My Lord and God, Heal me of My Pains as you you heal the Leper Today. Amen

  4. Ayanbadejo Rita says

    Amen in Jesus name

  5. Ibeawuchi Ugochi says

    Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love for me. Amen

  6. Margaretmary Azegbeobor says

    Thank you Lord for not rejecting us even in our unfaithfulness and how we only remember you last instead of putting you first in all things. May your love continually draw to you and may your grace be made active in us through Christ our Lord, amen.

  7. Ugwu Grace Ngozi says

    Amen. Thank you Fr. God bless you.

  8. Onukwugha Florence says

    Ancient of Days, Please Lord, give me the Grace to always Focus on where l am going and may i never be put to Shame through Christ our Lord Amen.Thanks and God bless you Father…

  9. Onyekonwu Ngozi says

    Thank you Jesus for your word this morning. Thank you for assuring me that no matter what may come, that you are with me that you cannot reject me. Indeed, I am very grateful!

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    May God give you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding to inspire the shepherds he intrusted into your care

    1. Mbama Christiana says

      May God give me the grace to always focus on Him despite the challenges. Amen. Thank you Padre and remain blessed.

  12. Emmanuel ChimezieChidoka says

    Amen…. Thank you Padre.

    Chukwu gozie gi…



  14. Sheila says

    Thank you Fr for this teaching, it is very uplifting especially for me in my day to day struggles. I know I am not rejected and that even in my loneliness Jesus is there with me. All I need is to believe and trust him.

  15. Cephas George says

    May God give us Grace to always be focused on Him and to always do away with doubt in our lifes. Amen

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    Thank you Jesus for not rejecting me

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    Amen, thank you fr. Remain bless and more grace

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    Amen!!! Lord Jesus let me always remember that there’s nothing impossible for you to do and come to you whenever I feel rejected… AMEN!!!

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    My Lord will never allow me to be put to shame in Jesus mighty name, amen

  23. Carmela U. Ekwem says

    Amen! & Amen!… May God grant us the grace to always take the bold step as the leper did in the msg of today, to come before him in whatever situation or state we find ourselves, even in our sinful state & believing that he will accept us as we are & make us well again, both spiritually, physically & materially according to his will & all to his glory, Amen!

  24. Adichie Chizoba says

    Jesus never fails. He accepts everyone. Thank you Padre

    1. Awele Agbasoga says

      AMEN and AMEN, even in our unworthiness, sinfulness, unrighteousness, weakness and nothingness, Lord please do reject or forsake us, always reminds us of your steadfast love that never siezes and draw us closer to You in Jesus Name AMEN

  25. Blessing Chilo says

    Faithful God!! Even if the whole world rejects me I know you will never reject me. Thank you for your unconditional love for me. Like the leper, here i am Lord in your presence. I have come to do your will. Do with me whatever you wish Amen


    No matter how many times we are rejected and treated badly by the people we know or are even related with, Jesus is the only one that can never reject us even when the whole world rejects us and we ask for his grace to always seek his face and the courage to come to his presence regardless of our unworthiness. Amen

  27. Precious says

    Amen!!! Our Lord Jesus will not put us to shame.

  28. Mercy E Johnny says

    Amen, thank you Jesus for ur merciful Love towards us. Lord Jesus Christ, make me whole of all my challenges and infirmities n welcome me always as I approach ur presence for solutions to my problems n never reject me but bless me for ur glory and honor . Thank you Jesus. Amen

  29. Otokpa Elijah says

    Amen am truly bless today



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    Thank you father for this word of encouragement. Now I knw am not rejected by the lord. Thank you jesus

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    Amen. Thank you and God bless you Father.

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    Amen Amen. Happy new year, father

    1. Maryann obiano says

      Thank you Jesus for always showing us your love no matter our shortcomings,we pray for your healing upon our lifes Amen

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    Amen. Thank you Father.

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    Amen thanks Padre

  38. Anujue Ifeanyichukwu Godwin says

    Jesus,if You will, make me favoured by men and Heaven.I place my trust in You.Help me to always seek Your face.Amen.

    1. Regina Mobu says

      Amen! Thank you Father for everything.

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  41. Ibeawuchi Monica says

    Amen. Thank you Jesus


    Breakfast with the word : Friday after Epiphany :

    Jesus cures the leper. He communicates with the forgotten and those who are nothing to the society. His mercy knows no all barriers. He is for all and heals all. He is rich in mercy and that He is known as ” Goodness beyond our understanding”

  43. Anthonia Okonkwo says

    Amen. May God never allow me and my family to be put to shame in Jesus name. Amen.

  44. Munachimso onuoha says

    Amen oooo 🙏

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  47. Prince Gee says

    The fact remains that God’s ways are not our ways. And He’s unfathomably so kind, loving and merciful that He always helps us even when we don’t deserve such divine favors.. ! Jesus, I really trust in You, and You will never fail me. Amen!

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    Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus

  51. Chinyere Ezemelue says

    I receive through the power of the Holy Spirit, the gift of boldness and faith lifting steps I need in all areas of my life. Amen

  52. Ezeagu Anuli says

    Amen, Lord may we never be put to shame 🙏 in Jesus victorious name amen

  53. Thres Rock says

    Amen!!!! Thanks Fr. For the wonderful breakfast

  54. Dr Chinwe Agwoile says

    Amen and amen! Lord, I invite You into my life. Take pr-eminence, Lord. Do not forsake me, Lord. Thanks dear.

  55. Mary says

    Amen! Lord Jesus, I trust in you.

  56. Ighekpe Agbodesi Winifred says

    Amen,may God always help me to look up to him in every challenge of my life. Shalom Padre, thanks so much

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    Dear Jesus, heal me, heal my family and save us

  61. Rosemary Umeze says

    Amen and Amen.
    Thanks Padré


    I pray for the grace to always take bold faith-lifting steps to Jesus who never rejects us in spite of ourselves.

    Thank you Father for this inspiring reflection.

  63. Eririogu Fidelia says

    Amen. Thanks father

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