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Action makes the Difference: Tuesday Third Week of Advent Year


Breakfast with the Word Tuesday Third Week of Advent Year C


Matthew 21:28-32



Action refers to something that is done. It is very different from thinking, saying and wishing. The action comes in when we do what we say, think and wish. What makes the difference both in our spiritual and physical lives is what we do to be what we are.


The action simply says if you are truly a Christian, then do what shows you are one. If you want to be successful, then quit wishing it and start doing what will make you successful.


If you wish peace and joy for your friends and family during Christmas, then make sure you work for peace in your family and wherever you are.


Matthew 7:16 says that by their fruits we shall know them. What makes the difference is the fruit, the action, and what we do. Matthew 7:21 says it is not all those who shout Lord! Lord! will enter God’s kingdom but those who do His will.


This is the clear cut difference between the two sons in today’s gospel. One says yes but does not do the will of the father and another says no but later does the will of the Father.



In the Gospel



In the gospel, Jesus seeks the opinion of the chief priests and the elders on who actually does the will of God. He tells the parable of two sons sent by their father to go and work in the vineyard.


The first son said no but later changed his mind but the second one said yes but did not go. He puts the question that among the two who is the one that does the father’s will. They answered that it is the first.


This particular parable was about the Jewish leaders who have rejected the call for conversion by John the Baptist, refused to listen to the message of Jesus but only interested in protecting their authority and the law. What they teach people is very far from what they do.



Hence, Jesus is making it known to them that tax collectors, sinners, prostitutes who hear the word of God and repent from their sins will enter the kingdom before them.


Therefore, it is not what we show to people, it is not what we say, it is not how many times we sing and dance that make the difference but the actions we take towards living a holy life.




When we work towards making a change, there will surely be a change one day. But when we continue to wish for a change, it remains a figment of the imagination. Change comes when we do what we think, wish and pray for. We pray for grace and work with the grace we prayed for, says St, Francis of Assisi.



A Little Digest


A reporter once asked Zidane, the former Real Madrid Coach, why he does not react so much when his players miss clear cut chances to score goals. Zinedine Zidane replies “ you cannot score any single goal by jumping or shouting outside the field. To do so, you have to enter and play the game.


In any match, the coach advises but it is the player that scores”. Therefore, only those who enter the field score, not those who shout and jump out of the field. Action is the key.


If we wish that progress comes to us, we have to take action towards the progress. Action makes the difference.

In 1 Samuel 17, the Israelites were wishing on how Goliath would be defeated but it took David who entered the fight to do so. We pray and work. We do not pray and sleep waiting for manna from heaven.


Secondly, to be a true child of God, we have to obey God who we call our Father and do what He says. Our relationship with God is supposed to be a Father-child relationship. Since we pray and fast. God also demands our obedience to do whatever He says.


If truly we are children of God, we have to do like one. We have to live in love, touch souls, live in peace and help those in need. This is when we do not promote hatred, envy, jealousy, wickedness, evil, and disobedience to God but obedience to His word, mercy, forgiveness, peace and unity.



Well done is so much better than well said, says Benjamin Franklin. What makes the difference in the two sons is not the yes or no but the doing.


This calls for a total turn around. It is a call to repent from our sins every time we hear His word.


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  1. Okonkwo onyinye says

    May the lord help us

  2. Okoye Juliet chidinma says

    Thank you so much Padre
    Let’s not only be the hearer of the word of God,but also be the doer of God’s word.
    Some people after hearing the word of God,instead of turning a new live,they do otherwise.
    May God help us to do the will of God all the day of our life

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    Beautiful piece..
    Dear God, help us to be doers of Your Words, Amen!

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  7. Mailoushi James says

    May God help us to turn away from our sins, Amen

  8. Egbon chinedu Carey says

    May this words guide our daily living with our fellow man in Jesus Name, Amen

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    Thank u Fr

  11. Margaret Awum says

    May the Grace of God Almighty see us through

  12. Grace Yina says

    May God help us to listen to his word and put into practice today and tomorrow, Amen

  13. Chinyere Ezemelue says

    Lord help me to act and do according to your will.
    I will never give up on trying to succeed in life through Christ our Lord Amen

  14. arinze chinenye says

    May God help us… Amen

  15. Adozima Chidi Helen says

    Father, I am grateful for the previlage you have given to be alive spiritually by bringing your words close to me we which is also bringing me close to you and I pray for the grace to be a doer of your words and not only a hearer as your words today points out. I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  16. Ilokwe Rose Charity says

    Lord help me to be a doer of the word and not heater only. So that I can reach the desired destination. Which is Heaven. Amen

  17. Abuah Judith says

    God help us to take actions in Jesus name amen. Thanks brother

  18. Abuah Judith says

    God help us to take actions in Jesus name amen. Thanks brother.

  19. Esimekara Nnenna says

    Thanks for your words my God

  20. Angela Ekere says

    Your grace to step out of our comfort zones and take actions grant unto us O Lord.

  21. Ighekpe Agbodesi Winifred says

    God help me to always do your will, Amen.

  22. Mariajacinta Ivoke says

    May God help us to do his will all the days of our lives in Jesus name, Amen

  23. Umeze Rosemary says

    May we become today the hearers and doers of the word. Amen

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    Thank You Jesus

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    Amen Padre and God’s Divine wisdom and strength.

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    Thank you Jesus for your word. Lord help me to be the hearer and doer of your word through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

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    Amen 🙏. Thank you.

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    Amen Fr. Thank you Fr

  30. Regina Mobu says

    Thank you father for your encouragement.

  31. Nnoruga obiageli says

    God I pray for the grace to always do your will at all time

  32. Amalu Gloria says

    Thank you God for hearing ur words and not only hearing it but let us be the doer of ur words and repent for eternal glory in Jesus mighty name we pray Amen.

  33. Chidiogo says

    Thank you Fr.

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    Amen 🙏

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    Thank you beloved Padre. God bless you

  36. Maureen says

    May God help us in putting our wills into action and not just wishing, thank you Padre

  37. I.k says

    Lord make me to be a doer and not just a listener .


    Thank you Father Sanctus for this quick reminder ‘action speaks louder than words’. May God help us 🙏

  39. Enibe Jacinta Amara says

    O Lord! help me to put your word I hear daily into practice Amen

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