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Everything has an End. Tuesday 17th Week Ordinary Time


Breakfast With the Word Tuesday 17th Week Ordinary Time Year B


Matthew 13:36-43


Have you been in a situation where you feel good people are suffering while the wicked thrives? Are people oppressing you for nothing sake, maybe because of the way you speak the truth always?


Are you in a good position now, but instead of governing the people with kindness and goodwill, you turned yourself into a dictator?


Maybe you are in any position now, and you think that is your heritage forever? 

Do you use what you have to promote evil rather than saving lives?

Are you blessed with riches, wealth, talents and positions but instead of using them to touch souls, you are using them to intimidate, telling people how connected you are?

If you are in these categories and more, then know that today’s gospel is for you. 

In this parable, Jesus reminds us that everything has an end, and there is always a day of reckoning.


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The Key to the Gospel.



After Jesus has told His hearers the parable of wheat and tares in Matthew 13:24-30, He takes His time to explain to them the meaning of the parables. Here are the keys :



1 . Jesus always speaks in parables to the crowds ( Matthew 13:34). Today, He takes time to teach and explain the meaning to His disciples. 

Jesus tells His disciples that the reason He explains this to them is that the knowledge of the kingdom of God has been given to them (Matthew 13:11), and He counts them as most privileged and blessed ( Matthew 13:16).

Therefore, through this, we have to know that being close to Jesus is a blessing to any soul. Through our closeness with Him, He teaches us the mystery of the kingdom of God. 

 When you devote the time to visit Jesus daily, your wisdom begins to increase. You can try it. Therefore, do not get tired when you do so.


2 . From the parable, God is not the origin of evil. Whatever He created is good. ( Genesis 1:31).

Therefore, in this parable, Jesus attributes the emergence of evil to the devil. 

In His explanation today, Jesus says that the person who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. Hence the field is the world; the wheat then is the subject of the kingdom. Hence, the weed or the darnel are the subjects of the evil one.

 The enemy who sowed them is the devil. Hence, the harvest is the end of the world. The reapers are the angels. Jesus then says that as the darnel is gathered up and burnt in the fire. So, it will be at the end of time. Therefore, everything has an end. 



The Darnels.



After saying that the sower of the darnel is the devil, Jesus says that that the darnels, that means the weeds, are the people who then follow the evil one.

These are those who have rejected the goodness of God to perpetrate evil. They are those who inflict pain on others. 

They are those who create crisis, quarrelling and disunity wherever they are. These are also the people who persecute the innocent and cause them to sin against God. 

Agents of darkness are those who do not like the light. They do not like the goodness of others. 

So, like the sower of the weeds, they come quietly when we least expect to sow evil. They also sow seeds of discord and even hatred among the children of God. 

Also, we become this when we hate peace. It is also when we make evil our priority and reject goodness. Also, when we use our positions to kill, maim and intimidate people, inflicting sufferings on the masses, we are among the weeds, thus agents of darkness.

In everything that we do, let us not forget that everything has an end. 

When you are in a good position now, but instead of using it to save souls, you are using it to perpetrate evil, do not forget that everything has an end.

Let us not forget that everything has an end when we live in this world as if we shall live forever. 

Do not forget that everything has an end when you think that where you are today is all by your power and efforts. 


When We Promote Evil.




In the gospel, Jesus says that the darnels are the agents of the devil. Therefore, it means they are those who promote evil.

It is also when we use what we do or what we sell to champion evil. It is when we use our talents, gifts and resources to promote evil than good. 

This is also when we increase the price of goods to make money overnight to the detriment of the common good. 

The government becomes agents of darkness when they are happy that the people under them are suffering. 

It also involves it when businessmen sell fake drugs, dupe people, kidnap and kill for the sake of money.

This also is when you refuse to pay people working for you or under you and put their lives under pain and regret. 

It is when the government refuses to pay pensioners putting people under massive suffering.

 Those who do these surely have rejected goodness to promote evil and hence make themselves weeds. 

We should also remember that our reward is waiting for us. Everything has an end.


Those Who Appear Good.


Weeds are like wheat, but they are not. They only have the appearance of wheat. These are those who appear good but very evil at heart. We become weeds when we fake who we are. 

This is when we show another person that we are good but have something evil hidden in our hearts.


We become weeds when we see the truth and turn it upside down to promote injustice. 

It is also when we laugh in the face of people, pretend to be their friends but fight for their downfall. 

This is when we work at the back to pull the other person down when he has done nothing to us.

We become weeds when we appear to help but in our hearts are selfish desires and interests. 

We become weeds when we try to promise someone marriage but inside our hearts, it is not what we want.


Also, We become weeds when we lie to get what we want. We appear good, but bad at heart. 

We become weeds when we buy gifts to win the approval of someone but inside our hearts are evil, selfishness and wickedness. 

It is when what we show is different from our true intentions. We make ourselves weeds. And weeds promote evil than good.


2 . Just like the weeds are allowed to grow with the wheat, God allows evil to thrive with the good. Sometimes when this happens, the evil and wicked ones think everything is in their power, not knowing that they are living only by the mercy of God. 

God gives us time to repent. You have time now to turn away from wickedness because there must be an end to everything. Everything must come to an end.


The Challenges of the Righteous.


Psalm 34:19 says that many are the trials of the just man, but the Lord will rescue them from them all. The wheat living with the weed in the same field will not be an easy one.

 So, when we are suffering, oppressed and persecuted, always take it as part of life. Especially when you are out to promote good, to use your gifts, to speak the truth all the time, get ready and prepare for challenges. But here is the key; never give up.

 There is always an end to everything. Everything has an end. Just like the wheat was saved at last, there is hope and joy at last for the children of God.


In the parable, Jesus says that there is a victory for the just. They will shine like the sun in the kingdom of God and damnation for the wicked. 

Therefore, whatever thing we are doing today, whether good or bad, always know there must be a time of reckoning.


You may be having your day now because of where you are or the position you occupy, let us not forget that no earthly position last forever. Everything has an end.


In the end, we must leave this world to give an account of everything we have done. 

We do forget this and think we shall live in the world forever. In everything that you do, do not forget your soul.

We tend to remember this only on our deathbed. It is mostly at the death bed that many begin to see the vanity of life. The time to be good is now.

May God have mercy on us and give us the grace to continually come close to Him. Amen



  1. Charles Ndubuisi says

    May God help us to use every single gift we have to save humanity and to the Glory of God

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    Amen… I need your mercy and guidance Lord to follow the right path in Jesus name, Amen

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      Tnk God for another opportunity to hear his words again

  4. Rosemary Umeze says

    Amen. Thank you God for Your word this morning. Thank you Father Santus.

  5. Maureen says

    Amen, thank you Padre, we’ve heard Your word oh Lord, grant us the grace to always water it till the end, amen

  6. Peter Anthony Dodoh says

    Amen. God grant me the grace to wait patiently on you in prayers until you manifest your power in my life and family. Amen

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    AMEN, may God have mercy on us and give us the grace to follow the right path in Jesus name Amen.

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    Amen, nice one

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    Amen. Thank you Fr. May God bless me with listening ear to hear His word and do His will. Holy Spirit my advocate, help me to know my purpose of being created. So help me God 🙏

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    Lord help me understand always that life is ephemeral. Amen

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