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How to heal Our Imperfect Sight. Wednesday Week 6 in Ordinary Time


Breakfast with the Word Wednesday Week 6 in Ordinary Time of the Year



Mark 8:22-26


Imperfect sight means lack of full sight. It is when our vision is not capable of seeing clearly. Therefore, imperfect sight means defects and weaknesses in our physical eyes.



It is when we think we see but we do not see clearly. Therefore, imperfect sight is a lack of perfect or complete lack of vision. It is when our sense of vision is characterized by defects or weaknesses. Spiritually imperfect sight is when we lack understanding about the spiritual.




It is when we are yet to comprehend the mysteries about God. Our imperfect sight affects us spiritually. It makes many go to church but do not truly understand what happens in God’s presence. Lack of spiritual understanding makes many take the spiritual as nothing.



Therefore, our spiritual sight is imperfect when we are yet to comprehend the spiritual undertone behind what we do. This is the reason many of us find it hard to pray because they think that praying is a waste of time. One who understands the power and spiritual nature of prayer and the healing power of Jesus will always make it a lifestyle to pray.



Therefore, it is the lack of spiritual sightedness that makes many of us O yes members. They only attend church because others are going or just to fulfil a spiritual obligation. Therefore, we have to pray to God to heal the imperfect sight that we may see clearly and understand fully.


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Jesus Encounter with the Blind Man.



In the gospel, immediately Jesus and his disciples came to Bethsaida, Mark says that some people brought to him a blind man whom they begged him to touch. Mark does not tell us their number, but they are more than one. It may be two, three or many.


They came and asked Jesus to touch the man. Rather, Jesus took the blind man by the hand and first of all led him out of the village. Then, putting spit on His eyes and laying His hands on Him, Jesus asked Him for the first time “Can you see anything?



The man says that by this time, He was beginning to see, and he says that He is seeing people walking about and looking like trees. Then He laid His hands on the man’s eyes again and the man began to see clearly. Mark says that by now He could see clearly and distinctly. 





The Digest.



To understand this reading, we do not have to read it literally. This action of Jesus today has a symbolic meaning. This symbolic meaning will fully conclude tomorrow’s gospel. The point is that Jesus is gradually opening the imperfect sight of His disciples of who He is. 



The healing of the man today is by stages. In essence, He is teaching His disciples that to come to a full understanding of Him and having full faith in Him comes in stages. It is a gradual development from one stage to another. 



The journey of this gradual enlightenment began after the feeding of the five thousand. Remember that after the feeding of the five thousand, the apostles of Jesus while on the boat forgot to bring enough bread and they were worried and complained among themselves.



Jesus asks them “do they not understand yet? He asked them: “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not see or understand? Are your hearts hardened? Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? (Mark 8:14-21).



Therefore, by healing the man in stages today, Jesus is invariably showing His disciples that He will gradually open their eyes to come to a full knowledge of Him. Then in tomorrow’s reading, Peter will fully acclaim Him as Christ the son of the Living God.



So the gradual restoration of the sight of the blind man speaks of the gradual enlightenment of the disciples about the power and person of Jesus. They only know Jesus by the miracle that He did but they have not fully understood. Therefore, it is only Jesus who can restore and heal our imperfect sight.



Restoring Our Imperfect Sight.



In today’s gospel, after Jesus heals the man, He begins to see clearly and distinctly. Therefore, in essence, seeing clearly here indicates coming to full knowledge. In essence, if we want to truly understand the deep mysteries behind what we do, we need total healing of our imperfect sight. We have to develop the need to see beyond what we see.



During the last Supper, Jesus raises the bread and says to the disciples “This is my body” (Luke 22:19). At that moment what Jesus is showing them is the bread but He calls that bread His body.



 Therefore, as Christians, we have to look beyond what we see to grasp the true spiritual meaning of what we do. We have to ask God to open our understanding that we may know. When we come to terms with the spiritual and depth meaning of what we do, we will worship God with a burning heart. We will understand that what we do is not a fairy tale. Therefore to heal our imperfect sight we have to do these:




1. Daily Encounter with the Lord.



I request every Christian to develop an hour of prayer. There must be an hour in your life, you will call a holy hour. This hour should be between you and God. Use that hour to visit the Blessed Sacrament often. Use that hour for your close interaction with God.


When you develop an attitude of daily encounter with God, everything about your spiritual life will begin to change. You will begin to understand that everything is not mechanical. Also, you will begin to see the things we do beyond what you see, you will begin to know the deep mysteries of the kingdom. We can see in this gospel that It was a simple encounter with Jesus that restored the sight of the blind man. 



Let us develop the love for a daily encounter. When we develop the love for a full encounter, we will love Jesus with our whole heart, we will have the burning desire to pray, by then we will begin to see the spiritual as real. We will not be comfortable whenever we fall into sin. Then the deep relationship with God will be our food. 



When Jesus heals our imperfect sight our love for Him will develop. We will love peace, unity and love. Also, We will even run away from sin always. 



We will then begin to see prayer as a lifestyle. Doing good work will be our priority, even when we fall into crisis, we will not like to lose our faith. it is then we will understand that whether our prayer is answered or not we will lose not faith in God. If we develop a love for an encounter with Jesus, We will not regret it.




2. Leave the Crowd.



Before Jesus heals the man today, He took him out of the crowd to another village. Presumably, in that village, it was only him and Jesus. 




Therefore, we also need time out of worldly distractions. We need to go out of the company of people who lead us away from God daily. When we learn to have time for spiritual retreat, recollection, meditation or introspection, our spiritual lives will begin to change. We need those times when we have to ask ourselves several questions and correct what we have done wrong. Learn to go out of the crowd.



3. Total Trust in God.



The bible says that Jesus led Him by the hands. By leading by the hand and walking with him, they would be talking and discussing, the man also did not complain. He must have enjoyed the company of Jesus. Therefore, as Christians, we have to trust that we are always in the hands of God. It is this trust that can lead us through the hardest times in our lives. We have to enjoy his company more than anything.



4. Take it gradually.

We know that Jesus has the power to heal instantly. But here, Jesus healed in stages. Therefore, teaching us that to know Him comes in stages. He teaches us that everything in life is gradual. It is not by fire and force. 



So we have to take life gradually. Follow Jesus gradually, then from one experience or the other, we will come to a full understanding of the spiritual life. Therefore, in your relationship with God, take everything gradually, step by step, Jesus will teach you many things that you do not understand.


By then you will begin to see clearly what happens when we go spiritual, The spiritual is real and not fake. Therefore in our spiritual lives, let us learn to see beyond. May Jesus open our spiritual eyes. 



May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to know more about Him. He will touch every aspect of your life today. Amen.



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