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The baby in the Manger


The baby in the Manger

The birth of Christ which is popularly celebrated on the 25th of December draws the attention of all worldwide yearly.


The celebration of Christ birth comes with many lessons.


One may wonder why the baby was born in Bethlehem, why the baby was born by the Virgin Mary, why the baby was even born in a Manger of all places.


These questions are mysteries left to be unfolded at the due time.


On today’s special occasion of Christ birth, I decided to write about the baby Jesus in the manger.


Why was Christ born in a Manger?


To answer this Question, I will like to use this story I love so much to explain.


In a certain city of Chicago far away in the United States of America, there lived a family.


This family had only one child, named Jennifer. As a custom, they visit the Hospital during Christmas to share their gifts to those who are sick.


In the year 1906, during this family usually visit to the hospital, a pregnant woman in labor was rushed to the labor room and this little girl at age 7 was curious to know what will be the sex of the baby, the complexion and also who will be the first visitors to visit the baby after birth.


This child curiosity held the family and mother at the Hospital than expected


This little child had one motive for all her questions and why she held her parent back at the hospital to know the purpose of the baby on earth.


Christ birth in a manger to fulfill his divine purpose.


His Divine purpose is to save mankind from sin and restore us back to God. The purpose of the baby in a manger is to teach us the following.


Lessons from the baby in the manger.


There are many lessons that can be learnt from Christ birth in the manger, which include


 1.  His profound humility

It takes only a humble person like Christ to be born in such a lonely state.  The son of the owner of the universe descended so low to be born in a place where animal is kept. What Humility!


The baby in a manger teaches us that in other to be great, one should be able to humble himself before God just like Christ did.


Of all the virtues of Christ, I love this profound humility because it is rare and genuine.


The baby in the manger teaches us that as God can exalt Christ in the Manger because he was humble, God can still raise up all those with humble beginning who are still trusting on him for one good thing or the other.


2.  Love for the poor



The baby in a manger teaches us to love the poor just like Christ did right from his birth.


Before Christ was to be born, he would have chosen to be born maybe in Aso rock or the American white house but he in stead prefers to be born among the poor.


The baby born in the manger with the poor stays teaches us that we should never discriminate between the rich and the poor.


Christ loved the poor and also wants us to do the same not just for this festive period but it should extend afterwards.


The baby Jesus wants to see us share our clothing, food, house, space, privacy and love with others just as the Manger accommodated Him.


 3.  Hope for the future


The baby in the manger inspires hope for the future and also for good tidings ahead.


When the baby was born, there was a great shout as the heavenly Host praised God.


The angels praised God because the Messiah is born and at last the suffering of the people will be no more.


The baby in the manger was the same Jesus who spoke in Luke 4 thus, the spirit of the lord is upon me to bring goodness to the poor to open the eyes of the blind to set the captives free….


This is the hope that the baby in the manger brought to us. We are indeed favored to be among those who will partake from this message of hope.


Christ did not turn down the hopes of the people remember in Mark 7: 37 the peoples exclaimed after seeing the miracles that Christ performed thus “He has done all this well”


 4.   Teaching on love


Shortly before Jesus birth, there was no room for them to stay except the manger. One may wonder is that the people inside the room did not see that the woman was with child or can they even offer them a space or even a small portion of the room just for the delivery.


Answers to this question might not come now but how do you treat your neighbor who is in need that matters.


The baby in the manger wants us to love always, to be hospitable, to be kind, to always extend a helping hand and also to always put ourselves in people’s shoes before we take any action on them.


Love should be the watch world, let love be our driving factor in life.




1.  The baby Jesus teaches us many lessons daily from his birth in the manger we should try our best to imitated all the Virtues at his birth.


 2.  We should always believe in God and never to trust on anybody for Favors.


 3.  Our Sunday rice and stew will not feature tomorrow, you will get new updates about  the weekly post on new year day and other programs to come if God wills next year.


Merry Christmas to you and may God grant us a Successful celebration period.



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