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Touch Souls with the little You have. Friday 2nd Week of Easter


Breakfast with The Word: Friday of the Second Week of Easter


John 6:1-15.


The gospel of John 6:1-15 is John’s account of the feeding of five thousand. This particular event happened during the life and mission of Jesus. it is not a post-resurrection event.


The feeding of the multitude is the only miracle reported by all the four gospels (Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:31-44; Luke 9:12-17; John 6:1-15) which gives credence to the truth of the miracle.


The feeding of the miracle has a lot of lessons to learn. We can learn things like  “the love of God, the compassion of Jesus, God is beyond the impossible, how to show love to one another etc. But when we see how Jesus uses the little that was available to them not minding what they will eat, to feed those around Him, we can derive another lesson from this.


In this event today, Jesus teaches us the need to touch souls with the little we have. Giving is not the function of the rich alone but the function of all. There is somebody somewhere who may need the little you can offer. Whenever you begin to open hands to the poor, everything around you begins to change.


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The True Problem.


When we critically examine the events, the calamities, problems and troubles ravaging the world, nations, cities, communities and families today,  we will surely discover that our real problem is that man has become a wolf to man. We are our problem and nothing anymore.


The gospel of today where Jesus feeds the 5000 despite how little that is available is a lesson for us. It is a lesson point for the greediness, wickedness, hatred, intimidation, kidnapping, scamming, selfishness etc that have become the order of the day.


Everybody wants to be rich overnight and selfishness is keeping us where we are. If we can use even the little we have to touch souls, the world will be a better place.


The Gospel.


When Jesus saw the crowds following Him, He became concerned about their welfare, how to touch their lives and save them. What the apostles of Jesus had were only 200 hundred denarii which could only buy little for the big crowd.


Andrew points to a small boy with five loaves of bread and two fish, which possibly could be the much the money can buy.


Despite that they had little in their pocket, despite the little loaves and two fish that are available, Jesus did not go back in doing what He wants to do. Even the little did not stop Jesus from touching the lives of those around Him.


From every indication, that was the only money they have. The passage does not tell us whether they bought from the boy or that the boy gave the five loaves of bread and two fish free of charge, but there is the possibility that they bought the five loaves of bread with the little in their pocket, not minding what they will feed on and also there may be the possibility that the little boy willingly offered what he had.


In either case, the event today teaches us the necessity to use the little we have to save souls. In this encounter, Jesus considers the people first before Himself and the welfare of the apostles. He sees the need to solve the problem of those who are suffering and in need more than His own need.


Today many will use a little opportunity to feed more on the sufferings of the people unlike what Jesus could have done. At this time of covid 19, many people are using the sufferings of the people to enrich their pockets.


Every day, the sufferings of the people increase and it is not that we do not have the means to ameliorate the problems around us but sometimes greediness and selfishness do not allow us to. Today, many are looking for just one square meal a day but we are happy to feed on their plights.

In the gospel, what the apostles of Jesus could afford was 200 hundred denarii. This is the only money they could afford but we are blessed with abundant resources both natural and human but selfishness has crippled our nation. Wickedness, greediness, envy, hatred are what are keeping many families where they are today.

Instead of coming together to solve issues and move the community higher, we begin to compete who will be the best, highest, richest, the person to be worshipped etc.


Let us use the little we have to touch the lives of those around us. Touch souls with the little that you have. If we can commit to this, then the world would be a better place. Someone must not pay a price before you have to help him or her. Touch souls always, you will never lack.


Everyone has Something to offer.


If you do not have financial resources, there is something you can offer. You have talents, you have gifts, you can encourage, you can advise, you can help. Despite how little you think you have, there are people you can touch with it. Touch a single soul with it.


Instead of using the ones you have to destroy souls, use it to save souls.  Instead of looking for someone you want to kidnap, scam, kill etc because of money, find those you can touch with it. At last, if we can touch even a single soul every day, the world would be a better place.


We may want to have the whole world, but do not forget that we are going to leave all these. When we meet God, we are not going to give an account of what we have acquired in this world. In His presence, we must account for the lives we have saved. We will also account for the souls we have touched and even the ones we have destroyed. Let us thread with caution. Everything that is in the world must one day expire. Be good wherever you are.


May God guide and give us the grace to do this.


May God bless you and see you through in the good things that you do Amen.



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