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Only Through Jesus. Thursday of the Second Week of Easter

Breakfast with The Word: Thursday of the Second Week of Easter


John 3:31-36


After the discussion between Jesus and Nicodemus, Jesus and his disciples went out to the Judean countryside. There, He began to baptize the people who come to him.


Because of this, some of the disciples of John came to him and reported that Jesus is also baptizing on the other side of the River Jordan and everyone is going to Him.


John then uses that opportunity to testify about Jesus. So, the gospel of today is John’s testimony about who Jesus is. This is like a confirmation of what Jesus told Nicodemus about Himself.

In this discussion, we can find the conclusion of the discussion. John himself affirms that what Jesus told Nicodemus is true.

In this discussion, John also answers how one can be reborn, the way to eternal life and to how to live in the Spirit. The final answer and secret to these are only through Jesus.


We cannot be born above and gain eternal life if not through Jesus. In the gospel, John says that the words that Jesus speaks are God’s own words.


God gives Him the Spirit without reserve and through Him, we have eternal life. Through the words of Jesus, we can learn divine principles and how God wants His children to live. He wants his children to live like those born from above, and not earthly. Though His children live otherwise. This is the problem.


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Jesus is the One God sends to Us.


In the gospel, John says that Jesus speaks God’s words because He is the one sent by God to show the world the true way to live but the problem is that the world did not accept His testimony.


To live the way God wants, we need the Holy Spirit, to have the Spirit we need to come close to Jesus and pay attention to Him.

He is the only one that gives the Spirit without measure and makes us reborn again. John affirms that God entrusts everything in the hands of Jesus. Without Him we are nothing.


Jesus is the Way to Eternal Life.


Jesus is the secret to eternal life and only through Him can we have eternal life. The earthly life is temporary, no one lives here forever.


In the end, we are going to leave the world to eternal life. The world puts all her strengths here thinking here is his eternal home. Man thinks everything ends in the world, that is why He fills like God does not exist. Some of them kill, kidnap and do all sorts of atrocities just to make money , because they think they will eat the money forever and ever.


He does not care that one day He will leave to go to the life beyond. As we come into the world, we think the whole world is ours and we will live in it forever and ever. We forget and abandon the way to that life which is Jesus.


John affirms today, that whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but he who will not believe in the Son will never know life.


He who rejects Jesus will face the anger of God. Yet despite these warnings, we still live the way we want and pay deaf ears to God. Therefore, when we realize the truth is only in the face of death when all hope is lost.


When You are Born From Above.


When we are born from above, our life will change immediately. We cannot be born again and live in sin. We cannot be born again and live like people who do not have faith.


Our belief in Jesus is not merely saying it, it also comes with a responsibility. It is not merely believing but living it out like one born from above.


Therefore, this is when heavenly principles are guiding your life than earthly principles. This is when we choose to do good rather than to perpetrate evil, this is when we choose to love rather than to hate. This is when you choose to be happy, even in the midst of challenges believing in God still.



Take time and read Galatians 5:22-23 to know the lives of someone who lives in the Spirit. Those who live in spirit do not lose hope in God despite how tough life may be. They are faithful and always desiring to be close to God.


Those who live in the spirit, live in love. They always want to help each other rather than to live in hatred and disunity.


Those who are born again use every opportunity to make God happy rather than to make Him sad with their sinful lives. They are not driven by the desires of the flesh but that of the spirit.


We are called to proclaim the Gospel by our words and most especially, by our deeds. We have to live our faith. This is beyond mere profession our faith to living out your faith in Jesus.


Then, when people see you, they see Jesus. When they encounter you, they encounter something different. Therefore you become a living witness of the gospel and light to souls.

When you are born from God, God becomes the motivation behind all that you do. Hence, in whatever you do, or say, souls, are refreshed and touched by them. So, just as Jesus commissioned his disciples to “go forth and preach the Gospel,” He also sends us forth to become living witnesses of the Gospel. Therefore, we have to preach the Gospel in word and deed. This is our call, this is our challenge.


May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to continually come close to Him and May His grace be with you today Amen.

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