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Relationship With God: How to, The Meaning and Challenges.



  • A relationship is that close connection that exists between two people. So a relationship with God is that close connection that exists between us and God.


  • In this relationship, there is mutual understanding, attachment and mutual involvement. A relationship is not a one-man decision or a one-man game. It must involve the two parties.


  • Longman dictionary defines a relationship as a situation in which two people spend time together or live together.


  • Being in a relationship means that they are very close to each other. They understand each other and know what each other means.


  •  When we stay close to God, we will come to know God deeply and know what He wants and what He does not want.


  • In this relationship, we will not like to do what makes God angry. When we talk about a relationship with God, we talk about how we can involve ourselves deeply in connecting with our lives to God.


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What We Mean When We Talk About True Relationships with God.


  • To talk about true, let us talk about what true is not. For something to be true, it means something that is not real. It means something false. The relationship is fake. Fake relationship is a relationship that is full of insincerity, dishonesty and falsehood. So for something to be true, means that you mean it. You are not doing that for the sake of doing it.


  • It is when we relate to God not because of what we are going to gain or what people would think of us but because of the love we have for God.


  • In a true relationship with God, you spend time together with God often. It is a relationship where you enjoy God’s companionship.


The Qualities that characterize True Relationship are:


  • 1. Availability: This is how often we make ourselves available to God. In a true relationship, the two people who are connected will always make out time despite how busy they are to meet and spend time with each other.


  • When you relate to God, you must make out time for Him. For example, You must make out time to come for masses and visit the Blessed Sacrament. So the question today is how often do you make out time for God?


Minute – every waking minute.

  • Hourly – frequently during the day.
  • Daily – sometime during each day.
  • Weekly – perhaps associated with religious services.
  • Monthly – occasionally through the year.
  • Yearly – on occasions like Christmas, Easter or the anniversary of a loved one’s death.
  • Seldom – at crisis such as a death in family or financial reversal.
  • No time: there is no time for God.

Our response to these is enough to tell us if we are close to God or not. In the bible, you will discover how Jesus always spends time with the Father.



He makes himself available. At our places of work and offices, we find out that we are always occupied. But in this busy time, we have to make out time for God.


  1. Intimacy


  • Intimacy means how connected you are with someone you love. How intimate people are simply means how close they are. At this time people who are close to each other hardly stay without each other.


  •  When you take a critical look at the life of the saints, you will discover that almost all of them have quiet and special moments with the Lord.


  • They do this not out of compulsion but out of the love they have for God. In intimate people, you will see this inner hunger to remain close to each other. Hence, in our relationship with God, there should be this inner hunger to approach God daily.


  • In an intimate relationship, the people involved hardly make each other angry. Hence if we say we are truly related to God, our lives should make God happy and not sad. We will not allow sin to come in between us.


  • The person we are intimate with knows every detail about our lives, problems, and challenges. This is when we make God part of our lives and not far. Even when problems come, we are not ready to quit or lose because we truly love.


  1. Personal.


  • Personal means something that relates to you personally. It is something that you are wholly involved in deeply, physically and spiritually.


  •  In the gospel Mark 12:28-34, Jesus tells the scribe that the greatest commandment is to love God with all our minds, soul, mind and strength. It means that our relationship with God has to be with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.


  • This is the decision to give God all. It is remaining stronger in God despite the tide that may come against us.


  • “All” denotes everything, no reserve, nothing remaining. It then means that if we say we love and worship God, it involves everything we do.


  • Even amid problems and challenges, you are not ready to quit. One day a sheep was passing along with His kids. And mistakenly one of the kids fell inside a pit.
  • The sheep rushed to save her little kid that was crying deep inside the pit. The mother who could not withstand the crying of the baby also jumped inside the pit.


  • Like the sheep, when we remain close to God, we would not allow anything, despite how hard and challenging it becomes to keep us away from God.


  • One day I was passing along the street, and I saw two people exchanging words. The reason is that a young man insulted the mother of the young girl. The young girl took it personally and expressed her anger over what the man did. When you take something personally, you will like to involve yourself entirely.


  • From all these, we can then ask ourselves: Do I have a true personal relationship with God? With this let us look at some factors that can challenge our relationship with God.


Factors that can challenge our relationship with God.


  1. Lack of Faith in God: When you do not believe that God is real. When you do not believe that He can do all things, you will hardly have time for Him. Unbelief is also very powerful. In Matthew 13:58, because of their unbelief, Jesus could not work mighty deeds in their hometown.


  1. Inability to pray: One day St. Francis of Assisi went to the chapel to pray, He looked intensely at the cross, seeing how Jesus hung on the cross, He asked “Lord how can I pay you back for this” a voice from the cross responded “spend your time with me”. Prayer is not just communication to God, prayer is communication with God. When we do not find time to pray, it challenges our relationship with God.


  1. When We get busier than God. Have you ever thought of this “that if God gets so busy with many things around Him, we would perish? But today men get so busier than God. We hardly have time to pray and time to relate with God. Just as your family needs your time, God also needs our time and attention.


  1. When We lose Hope in God Already: When we lose hope in God already, it is always hard to find meaning in God. During the time of Jesus, the Pharisees are always at the forefront when it comes to attacking Jesus. They do this because they did not see him as a Messiah. When we lose hope in God, it is always hard to relate to Him.


  1. Tiredness: When we become tired whenever the things of God are mentioned, we begin to lose that hunger for God.


How to Build Our Relationship With God.


  1. Take God as your personal friend and Father
  2. Spend time with Him often
  3. Allow the things of God to make you hungry. When there is a hunger for food, you eat, and when there is also a hunger for God, you pray to Him.
  4. Live according to His word and not according to your word
  5. Develop sincere love for God and the poor.
  6. Learn to give. There is power in giving.
  7. Know who God is
  8. Take your life as a way of serving God.
  9. Finally, remain faithful to God even amid challenges and temptations



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