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Group Assessment for the Prayer Journey With The Powerful Angel Michael

Group Assessment for the 21 days Prayer Journey With The Powerful Angel Michael.


Use the form below and give an honest assessment for the 21 days Prayer Journey With The Powerful Angel Michael.

Your assessment to this program helps us very well to adopt some initiatives for the next monthly prayer, which is the October devotion.Give an honest assessment of the 21 days prayer with angel Michael. We will appreciate that.



If you have a testimony and you would want the testimony to be posted through the website, to help inspire, encourage and save souls, you are free to send the testimony here. Sending it here, means you are giving us the consent to publish the testimony through the website.


May the grace of God will be with you as we run our earthly journey.


Below is the form



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  1. Jesusbaby says

    I wish the admin will sit up in delivering and posting the payer on time like former admin he makes sure the prayer is posted by 12am so that those like us who use it as midnight prayer can do it and assess it at any time and to those that are posting nonescence find out why if deliberate caution them if scam remove them thanks

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