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Anyone Who has will be Given More. Monday 25th Week


Breakfast with the Word Monday 25th Week Ordinary Time of the Year B




Luke 8:16-18





I can remember one day that this gospel was read, I began to imagine what God is trying to say here. I thought of the above statement as somebody being partial.



 If God says “anyone who has will be given more, what of those who do not have anything. Does it mean God is promoting injustice? I kept asking myself that day “does it mean God is happy that there are some people that do not have anything? 




These and many more were my thoughts then, But as the time comes by, I try to understand this gospel and what Jesus is trying to say. The statement “anyone who has will be given more should not be understood literally but from the context. 


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Anyone Who has will be Given More: The Understanding.





To understand this reading we have to follow it up from the parable of the sower. Jesus ends the parable of the sower with “the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop”. 






Then today’s gospel begins from the verse 16 of the same chapter. Therefore, what Jesus is now telling His disciples is a follow up from His conclusion on the parable of the sower, especially on those who receive the word and put it into practice. 





So, Jesus is now telling His disciples the meaning of putting the word into action. Jesus is using this chapter to let His disciples know that when they hear the word of God they do not need to keep it to themselves, they have to proclaim it also to others. They have to be the light for others.




Therefore, since Jesus is giving the disciples special knowledge about the Kingdom of God, they have to pass it on to others. For there is nothing hidden that will not disclose. 




Therefore, Jesus is gradually explaining to them their roles as close disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, they have to be harbingers of the gospel. 




So, just as Jesus gives  the disciples the access to the“secrets” of the kingdom of God, they have to show the light to others. He is training them not to hide their gifts and what they learnt from Him, but to use them in touching lives. 





In essence, Jesus is telling us that when God has trained us to be light to the world, we have to do the work with our whole hearts. 




When God gives you a gift, He also expects you to use it. So, how we use what God gives to us is our gift back to God. 





We do not hide the gift of God. Everything that God gives to us is  for use. Therefore, just like the disciples, we are also meant to be a light to the nations and no one will just light a lamp and hide it under a bushel. 





When we use our gifts, when we work for God,  God will give us more grace, blessings and more inspiration.




This infers that the more we use our gifts in the service of God the more God blesses us with more gifts, more blessings, more inspiration. 





Therefore, the more you use what God has given you, the more He blesses you. In essence, God wants us to work. 




He wants us to be a light to the world, God wants us to practice the word that we hear and use it in touching lives, It then means that our efforts in doing this do not go in vain. 





When We receive the Word.




This gospel, therefore, infers that a certain responsibility awaits those who receive the word. Anyone who hears the word of God also has the responsibility to proclaim it to others. 




In the gospel, Jesus says that they must take heed. He warns them saying “So take care how you hear; for anyone who has will be given more; from anyone who has not, even what he thinks he has will be taken away”. 





In essence, we do not toil with the word of God. Also, we do not have to waste the gifts God gives to us. If we want these gifts to increase, we have to use them always. The more we use them, the more God blesses us with more gifts and anointing. 


Therefore, this is a call to work for God. It is a call to save souls for God. It is call a be light to the world.


In essence, God does not want us to be mere hearers of the word. He wants to work and bring souls into His kingdom.


The more we do this, the more He uses us the more. therefore what God wants is our availability.




Even naturally, the more you do something, the more you know how to do it. I can remember my favourite quote from Zig Ziglar on how to master anything in life. 





He says “when you do something, you know it. When you do not do it, you will not know it. When you do it often, the more you know and constant doing leads to perfection.











Take Heed How You Hear.





When Jesus says to take heed, He is reminding us of the importance of listening to the word of God and also putting the word into practice. 



Therefore It’s good to hear the word of God, but it’s much better to touch lives with what we hear. 




In essence, when we hear the word of God, and receive it with gladness, and proclaim it to others, when we use what God gives to us, we reap more  from God’s spiritual riches.




There will be more desire to work for God, more hunger to touch lives, more inspiration, spiritual growth, good habits, graces, blessings, etc.





Therefore, anyone who has , God will give him more. This happens when we put to work what God blesses us with. Also, when we show acts of love and kindness to people, when we become a light to souls who are undergoing passing through difficulties and souls who are losing faith in God.



Therefore, we have responsibilities as Christians and children of God. Always use your gift. 

If you can do something for God, do it often and never give up. The more you do it is for your good.




Therefore, Anyone who has will be given more. But when we do not use what we have, it will go into extinction. Put the word into action. God blesses us when we do that for the salvation of souls.


Therefore, use your gifts, use your talents, devote your time in working for God. Use the little you have for the work of touching lives. No effort goes in vain.





May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to listen to His word and put them into action. May He bless you this week for you. Amen. 



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    No way naa…! Indeed it is impossible to God’s unequalled glory alone…!

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