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Matthew 5:20-26: Nothing Surpasses Peace. Friday First Week of Lent


Breakfast with the Word: Friday First Week of Lent



In Matthew 5:20-26, Jesus tells His apostles not to kill or injure anyone. And If anyone has anything against his/her brother, he must prepare to answer for it.




In Matthew 5:20-26, Jesus continues that even if you are about to offer your gift to God, and then remember that you have something against your brother or that he has something against you, leave the offering immediately in front of the altar. Then go back and make peace with him, come back and offer your gift.



Jesus says in Matthew 5:20-26 that It is better to come to terms with whoever you have offended or that has offended you before you end up in prison.



It calls for the need to live in peace always before it results in something else. Lack of peace can result in a greater injury if we do not manage it on time.


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To Make Peace.



To make peace means to resolve conflicts and misunderstanding that arise between two people who were once close to each other.



It also means to resign and accept mutual understanding, co-existence, harmonious relationship and tolerance rather than living in a quarrel. For Jesus, this should be the trademark of anyone that is truly His disciple.



It is then worrisome today that many Christian families who also profess faith in the one Lord are living in enmity for many years today. You hardly find a family today who is not having one issue or the other.



The funniest part of it is that most of these problems are caused or began by someone who is also a member of the body of Christ. After shouting Amen in the church, we go back to our homes with hearts filled with trouble.



Most of these people bluntly refused that peace will reign in their families or places of work, maybe because they gain from it or that they want to assert their superiority. They want every person to worship and adore them. Then many will support him/her even when what he/she is doing is evil.



Today, many Christians live and allow evil to reign in their presence. They remain dumb either because they fear or because the person who is the architect of the injury is rich or famous.



Nothing surpasses a family, organization, or people that are so bound together, that they do things with one heart. We cannot make any headway with misunderstanding, discrimination, hatred and infighting.




If you know you have offended someone, you know the truth, there is no need to pretend or hide here, go to the person and apologize. He can forgive you. We need to stay in love. We need to remain in peace and not in pieces.



Where there is peace, there is growth and progress. When two people work together in harmony, there is growth. Where five or four brothers join together, there is an open door. No one is an island. You cannot make it alone.



Where There is No Peace.



Where there is no peace, you find backwardness, evil manipulation, envy, wickedness, and even death. Many people today who have died were as a result of a simple conflict they could not solve amicably among themselves. Then intimidation and hatred began. Before you know what happens, someone or more people will die in it.


Nothing kills more than an environment where there is no peace. When a couple lives in crisis, then sickness, high blood pressure, sleepless nights etc., begin to creep in. But a peaceful family is like heaven.


If you know what can bring trouble to your peaceful home, avoid it on time.


Peace is Very Important



In Matthew 5:20-26, Jesus says; “if you are about to offer your gift at the altar and you then remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar, go at once and make peace with him, and then come back and offer your gift to God”.



The question then is; β€œdoes it mean peace with the people we have wronged or have wronged us is more important than any gift we offer to God? What is truly behind peace? Why is Jesus always insisting on making peace? When He appeared to His disciples after the resurrection, the first gift he gave to them was “peace be with you”.



Peace is hardly found among us today. Many families, organizations, brothers and sisters, communities etc., are seriously living in crisis and quarrel.



This has led to many grave consequences. Imagine where people stay in peace and work with one heart? Imagine an environment where brothers decide to help each other to rise? Hence, imagine an organization that works without hatred and envy?



Certainly, there will be growth, peace and progress. It is time to resolve your conflicts and begin another chapter.



Beloved in this Lenten season, try and make peace with whoever you are in crisis with. Seriously, sometimes the people we are quarreling with, maybe the ones God has set on our path to help us.



Remember that God does not dwell where there is no peace. We can only find him in a peaceful heart as Elijah did in a gentle breeze.



When we try to live in peace, then we will understand why Jesus is insisting on that. Nothing surpasses this virtue. Take time and read Matthew 5:20-26 very well and meditate on it.


May God bless you dearest, and give us the grace to live in peace. May He make our life peaceful and guide us in all we do today. Amen.


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  1. Blessing Chilo says

    May your peace that surpasses all understanding be our guiding principle oh Lord through Christ our Lord Amen

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    Amen. Thank you Jesus for another great day in your presence. Jesus I am nobody before you and I can do nothing without you. Please empower me to embrace peace in my life and also give out peace to anyone around me through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

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    Amen. God, please make me an instrument of peace. May You give me the grace to apologise whenever I do wrong and to forgive whenever I am offended.

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    Lord give me the grace take peace with people I am not in good terms with. Amen

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  36. Chinwe Agwoile says

    My Divine Jesus, genuine self-denial and righteousness that shun anger and insult, but which embrace peaceful and amicable reconciliation are what You demand from me. You want it more than my offering of money or any of my possessions.
    Lord, grant me the humility that seeks for reconciliation. Give me Your grace to go against my quarrelsome human nature and then adopt Your sweet forgiving divine nature.
    Thank You, Lord for making me realize that Forgiveness is a Condition for Inner Peace; that I need to forgive others, not because they deserve Forgiveness, but because I deserve Peace. Amen!
    Remain ever blessed, Padre!

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