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The Secret About the Inside. Wednesday Week 5 in Ordinary Time of the Year


Breakfast with the Word Wednesday Week 5 in Ordinary Time of the Year


Mark 7:14-23



When we talk of the inside, we mean the internal part of something. The inside refers to everything that happens in the internal. They are those things that always go through our minds every moment.


The inside refers to our thoughts and those things that are inside our hearts. Jesus says they are the things that truly constitute a man. What goes into your mind often is what we often execute. They are the raw material of what makes a man unclean.


The Gospel.


Today, Jesus admonishes those listening to Him, that “nothing that enters one from out­side can make him unclean.

It is what comes out from within that makes one unclean. Let everyone who has ears listen”. This hence indicates that nothing external can defile a person. Example, no food that one eats can make one unclean.


Jesus says this in response to the Pharisees who are attacking Jesus on the reason His apostles do not wash their hands before eating as their tradition demands. What Jesus is saying here is that, whether one eats with washed or unwashed hands, it does not make one unclean.


What truly makes one unclean is what comes from within. It is that thing that you have been harbouring in your heart for long and later you execute it.


What goes into our minds and what we do with them is truly who we are. The heart is the center of every human activity. Everything we do in life whether good or bad comes from the heart. It is the seat of every human desire.


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The Truth About the Inside.


The majority of the things we do are the things we have thought and then try to execute them. The truth about the Inside is that it acts as a lever to whatever we do. When the Inside is always dirty, the outside becomes affected.


The Bible says that God searches our hearts ( Jeremiah 17:10). He looks into the heart to know the reason we do whatever we do (Proverbs 16:2). Despite whatever we try to show the world, God knows the actual reason we are doing whatever we do. So it is not how much we appear outwardly, pretending to be good while our hearts are filled with dirt. What God wants is a heart that is sincere and pure.


Change the Inside to change the Outside.


Once we begin to fill our minds with evil thoughts, one day we begin to express them. To change how we do, we must first of all change how we think. To change what we do, we must change what we think.


Therefore, to be better let us purify our minds from evil, negative, and filthy contents and substitute them with good, moral and positive thoughts. This is the only way to become better and change for good.

Many people will laugh with you, pretend to be your closest friend and your best adviser but deep down inside their hearts, there is another glaring intention. Many will claim to want to help you but deep inside their hearts, they are not. What goes into our minds is like the fuel behind whatever we do.

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As A Man Thinks.

Finally, do we always go about seeing and thinking that we are nobody, it must surely affect our output. Do we go about thinking that people are saying negative things about us? It begins to affect our relationship with them. How we think is how we become.


Do we always entertain evil and filthy thoughts? One day we begin to execute them. James Allen says “As a man thinketh, so is he”.

When the inside is strong, you can overcome great challenges, when the inside is pure, you will like to long for God, I think that is why Jesus says “blessed are the pure in heart”.

When the inside is inspired, it can achieve great things.


Let us always mind what goes into our minds, they affect us greatly. So stop moving about thinking you are a nobody. To change your life begins from the root. Change your thoughts about yourself.

Also to live a good life, never give those filthy, dirty, hateful, envious and negative thoughts any opportunity. For any day you begin to entertain and enjoy them, one day, you will like to execute them.


Let us mind whatever that goes into our minds. What goes into our minds has always been the seat and raw of materials of actions.


If want your life to change, begin to think on how to change your life and remove any thought about how you will fail or how you will it make it.


If you want to create peace in your family, begin to think on how to do that. One day you will execute them.


Also, if you want success, always fill your mind with successful thoughts and apply them, if you want to live a holy and good life, substitute those evil thoughts that do come to you with good and holy thoughts. With this, our actions will flow through them.


What makes and forms a man is what goes on in the inside. Because all his actions proceed from there.

Jesus says in the gospel ” For it is from within, from men’s hearts, that evil intentions emerge: fornication, theft, murder, adultery, avarice, malice, deceit, indecency, envy, slander, pride, folly. All these evil things come from within and make a man unclean.”


Therefore, as you think on how to commit an atrocity, one day, you must be tempted to fulfill your actions. But as you also think on how to become a better person and be serious with that, one day, you will inspired to achieve it too.


Therefore, Mind what you think today. As a man thinks in His heart, so is he. One day, those thoughts will become actions.



May God bless us dearest and give us the grace to succeed in all we do even when all hope is lost Amen


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