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Contact With Jesus: Breakfast with the Word Mark 6:53–56


Breakfast with the Word Monday Week 5 in Ordinary Time of the Year


In the Gospel of Mark 6:53–56, we see the tremendous power of contact with Our Lord. They laid the sick in the marketplace and begged Jesus to allow them touch just the fringe of his cloak. And all who touched him were cured (Mark 6:56). I know Jesus will never say no to their request. He is Jesus for you. He longs for our closeness, but we have lost faith.


Remember the gospel of Mark 6:53–56 says that it is all. It means no one was left, even the most sinful of them. Today, Jesus heals all the people who approached Him. He does not segregate.


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Contact with the Lord.


Contact with Jesus is the secret of change for anyone, the secret of healing from the wounds of sin, healing from bitterness, healing from infirmities and healing from backwardness. Jesus did not approach them today. They saw Jesus and approached Him. Therefore, this passage of Mark 6:53–56 reveals the immense benefits of having daily contact with the Lord.


The fact here is that we choose to approach or not to approach. Each action we take has its own positive or negative consequences. But whoever meets Jesus in faith will not go back the way he was.


In the gospel of Mark 6:53–56, the power to cure overflows through the loving heart of Jesus, extending to His garments. Those who touched Him received healing.


The willingness of Jesus to heal and free people from bondage is incomparable. The major fact here is that He is easily accessible. Some will say, but no one sees Jesus again physically to touch Him. We do not forget that Jesus is still alive. He is still with us. We believe that He also heals us spiritually.

In the gospel of Mark 1:29-39, Peter invited Him to His house. His presence led to the healing of the mother in law. Invite Jesus daily into our homes so that we have constant interaction and touch with Him.

Communion with the Eucharistic Jesus.


Secondly, Jesus is the Holy Eucharist, alive and real. The problem is whether we accept or not. If we believe that Jesus is truly present, do we approach Him? When was the last time we received Jesus? Even when we do, do we truly accept that we received Jesus? The fact here is that we also need constant communion with the Lord through visitation to the Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Mass.

More than merely touching the fringe of his cloak, we receive Christ’s very Body into our bodies. More than healing our physical infirmities, communion heals our souls and grants them a share in God’s own life. The question today is “Do we have faith that this contact with Christ can transform our lives”?


St. Ignatius of Antioch thus calls the Eucharist the medicine of immortality. Many graces come from this. It heals and sanctifies. We need this daily contact to change the way we live. When you want to receive Him, do not do it to fulfill obligations but do it out of the thirst to have a touch of Jesus. Then your life will begin to change. Any attempt or effort we make to have a daily relationship with the Lord changes us spiritually.

May God bless you and shower us with His great love today. Amen


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