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Compassion in the Life of Jesus: Breakfast with the Word Mark 6:30–34.


Breakfast with the Word Saturday Week 4 in Ordinary Time of the Year


Mark 6:30–34


Compassion is simply a sympathetic feeling for the problems, sufferings and misfortunes of other people. Compassion is the act of being sensitive to the pains and needs of those who are passing through difficulties. Everything about the life of Jesus is compassion.



A man of compassion is one, who has that concern for the disappointment, problems, catastrophe, loss, bereavement etc., in the life of other people and hence has the intense desire to help and alleviate them. In today’s gospel, Jesus exhibits this rare quality to his apostles and the crowd.



Jesus and His Apostles.


When His apostles returned from the mission of preaching, teaching and healing. They came to Jesus and reported all they had done and taught.


Jesus knows this could be intensive work, and they must be tired. He decided that they should go and have a rest in a deserted place. Even when the crowds could not allow them rest, they left by boat.


After the hectic work, Jesus knows that His apostles need a time of rest and refreshment. He knows what they need at that particular time, and He does not waste time to give it to them.


This shows also that we need to be sensitive to the needs of those who are working with us or for us. There is no single place in the bible where we can see the Lord trying to bully or intimidate any of the apostles. He knows He has great power, but yet He guides them with humility.


Today, many use their positions to harass, intimidate, bully and suffer those who are under their care. This is not what Jesus teaches.


As a Christian, we have to take that little child under your care as your special child. We have to treat those working for us or with us as our brothers and sisters. We have to be sensitive to their needs and help them much we can.


The gospel we preach and hear every day should live in us and with us. The life of compassion is a rare gift among Christians. Instead of living with brotherly love, we chose to live in hatred, envy, jealousy and disintegration. Let us learn from the compassionate heart of Jesus and live in love and compassion for others.


Secondly, despite our busy schedule, we need a time for spiritual refreshment, a time to retreat from the crowd and a time with the Lord. The world is so busy and noisy that moments of rest and spiritual retreat seems to be forgotten.



It is in this spiritual activity, that one can regain strength, tap special graces and receive newer ideas and inspiration for the work.


Therefore, do not always get busy with the world. Remember to have time with Jesus. Like the apostles reported to Him all they had done and taught, let Jesus know your challenges, problems, strengths and weaknesses. He will surely direct you.

We need a private time with Him often. Jesus is simply synonymous with compassion. He wants to be involved in our daily work.


The apostles followed His direction and were successful. What we need to succeed in life is that special grace, inspiration and strength that come from the Lord.



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Compassion for the Crowd.




One thing that baffles me today is that despite that the crowd could not allow Jesus rest, yet He did not get annoyed with them.


Jesus has the very right to send the crowd away with annoyance because their disturbance was getting too much. But instead of getting annoyed, He was moved with pity.


He was also sensitive to their situation. He saw them like sheep who are without a shepherd. Could you imagine, Jesus left His rest and began to teach them.


He knows they are looking for Him, instead of sending them away because of their disturbance, He rather stayed with them.

Jesus is always compassionate. In His life of compassion, He touched the lepers when He knew He is not supposed to touch them (Matthew 8:1–4; Mark 1:40–44), extended his healing mission even to the Samaritans when He knew they are not Jews (Matthew 8:5–13, Matthew 15:21–24) and forgave the people who asked for His forgiveness despite their pasts ( Luke 23:32-43, John 8).


So, the question today is “can we still find people who are willing to save and help those in need? If you are a leader, are you sensitive to the needs of the people under your care?


Therefore, can we truly be like the Lord? How are you treating that person who has been serving you for many years? And how did you treat people who come to you for help? Can Jesus also do the same?



May God help us to live the life of compassion and be sensitive to our environments. May He also protect you and give you more strength Amen.




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    Amen and Amen

    1. Carmela U. Ekwem says

      Amen! & Amen! Thanks and God bless you Fr for this inspiring msg on the great Compassion of Jesus Christ.

  3. Onukwugha Florence says

    Almighty and Ever Lasting Father, Please,give me your kind of Compassionate Heart that I may Live in Love and Compassion for others.Also empower me with your Grace to always involved in Daily activities of things of God.Padre, thanks for this inspiring reflection messages…Stay Blessed..

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    Give me a compassionate heart Lord Jesus Christ.
    Show me mercy and compassion that my life may be renewed. Amen

  5. Otokpa Elijah says

    Amen and may the Lord Jesus grant me more grace, ideas, strength, wisdom and inspiration to live a compassionate life always.

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    Amen 🙏🙏. Thank you Padre. It as usual very inspiring. God please give me the grace to persevere in leading my people with humility.

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    In the contemporary society, the attitude of individualism has made a lot of people selfish and insensitive to the problems and needs of others. There’s need to awaken that spirit of fellowship especially among today’s Christian.
    May the holy Spirit fill our hearts that we may have compassion for one another. Amen

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    Amen and Amen. God please help me to be compationate in my life

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    Amen. Lord, please give me the grace to do your will.

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    Amen. Thank you Padre. Today’s message is highly inspirational. May we always be patient in listening to people around us.

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    Amen, most compassionate Heart of Jesus, make me feel as you feel. Amen

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    Amen. Through the grace of God, may I derive joy with showing compassion to others.

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    May I not use my position to hurt people but to help them, I pray thee oh! Lord…

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      Amen.thank you father

  23. Mrs Blessing Chilo says

    Give a merciful heart oh Lord to always feel the pains of others and help in any little way I can through Christ our Lord Amen

    1. Olomu Chinedu says

      Amen. May God grant us the grace that the only time we look down to people is when we bend down to lift them up.

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    Amen. Lord may I always remember that all powers belong to You.
    Thank you Father

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    Lord Jesus Christ, grant me the grace to be compassionate to the people around me, to the needy and to the people whom I work with, give me the grace to always seek you everything I do all the days of my life. Amen

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    May God give me the grace to continue to live in love and compassion for others. May He give me the special grace, inspiration and strength that emanate from Him. May He grant me more opportunity to have quiet and quality time with Him so as to unburden myself to Him and appreciate Him the more, IJMN! Bonsoir, Padre! Thanks a bunch!

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    O compassionate Lord Jesus, help me to be a bit more compassionate to all around me, Amen

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